Businesses Combining Stunning Artificial Technology with Graphics Design.

Luban AI

In May, 2018, Alibaba has introduced a platform called Luban AI,which can help produce 8000 posters in a second. There is no other company rather than Tmall and Taobao, under Alibaba group, more eager to develop this tool with automated design capabilities. They are ecommerce giants in China, handling billions of products on a daily basis. On Double 11 Shopping Festival alone, the Chinese version of Black Friday, 6 million banners have been designed by Luban alone to welcome huge traffic that day. If merchants who sell on Taobao hire professional designers, it will take more than 300 years to finish this task. 

According to Alibaba Cloud Blog, Luban has already achieved the level of an advanced designer. A designer only has to submit a photo of product, choose the ideal style and size. Then Luban will finish analyzing, image cut out, color rendering, layout design, etc. Clients can get up to 100 different designs to choose from within seconds. Not only so, this AI tool has gone far beyond than this, it can also offer suggestions based on big data as to improve the effectiveness of product poster design, thus helping improve sales. 

Look at the posters below, on the left hand side is the original poster designed by human, and the right hand side is the improved version by Luban. And according to statistics posted by, the click rate for products has improved 23% to 96% just by changing poster designs.

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This company makes it a breeze for people, professional designer or not, to be able to have a logo for their business in a quick and low-budget way. This company is a logo maker and it uses artificial intelligence technology to create professional-level logos. You can put in basic ideas into their website such as company name, color preference, styles and icons to help algorithms to narrow down possible outcomes. You can also fine-tune the layout, font, color and so on if you are not satisfied with automatic results. 

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Their product is not only unique in the logo-making market but also quite essential for small business. Additionally, if you need a whole package of business branding, they also offer a wide range of services covering the ready-to-use business cards, T-shirts, notebooks and so on for both printing and for the web.

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According to Dawson Whitfield, CEO of Looka, logo design powered by AI technology is super-fast, less time-consuming, gives clients more control over brand identity and inexpensive, and this company has helped over five million entrepreneurs to launch their brand so far. 

Project Dreamcatcher from AutoDesk

If you apply algorithms to any set of parameters, tools like Autodesk Dreamcatcher will produce numerous iterations of design. According to its website, designers are able to explore many alternative approaches and select among them for the most ideal design solution by articulating their needs.

According to research scientist Erin Bradner, CAD designer of the future will only need to specify goals and constraints, without specifying points, lines and surfaces. AI allows designers to think at a higher level. So some people say that AI should not be considered as a threat to designer’s jobs. Rather, AI allows designers to focus more on the creative and strategic part of their job. Let AI do the monotonous and repetitive jobs, so designers can have all the fun. 


In 2017, the legendary hazelnut chocolate spread brand used algorithm to pull different patterns and colors from database to created 7 million different versions of container packaging identity, and this limited-edition is given a name called Nutella Unica.

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They not only caused a sensation, but sold out pretty soon. 

This case might enlighten us on customizing customer experiences by using artificial intelligence. AI allows customization at a quicker speed and cheaper cost, which definitely outshines human graphics designers.  


This company uses AI algorithms to help remove image background, cut out images in bulk and the product is called For booming e-commerce such as Amazon and Shopify, increasing customization demand such as POD business or any other businesses needing image processing in batch in a quick, affordable and secure way, PicUP.Ai is a good choice. Their image cut out algorithm has been ranked Top 1 in the world by Alpha Matting Evaluation Website last year and they offer API to businesses which need batch photo processing.

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