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Why recorded video is important nowadays?

Video content has been around forever but it has become the norm even more so in a post-covid world where people stay social-distancing and exchange information solely relying on internet and video sharing platforms.

Techjury reports that video is the top one source of information for 66% of people and 93% of businesses gain new customers as result of branded video content. Video streaming aside, people can simply record videos on iphone or Mac, edit it, retouch it, and then release it to video platforms like youtube. Since video content is a great tool for reaching out to potential customers and build trust as well as brand recognition among them, let’s dive in to explore what types of recorded videos can slingshot your business.

Explainer Video

As the name suggests, this type of video usually explains something, be it a concept or a product. We are living in a digital world full of engaging media popping up every day everywhere, and video is fun to watch. Can you recall last time you went through a product manual to find solutions? Nowadays, brands are using YouTube videos to demonstrate the features, values and problem-solving solutions to their products so customers can understand some information clearly and quickly. Afterall, visual images speak better than words.

This type of video often starts with “How to” in its heading. Sometimes, businesses call this a “demo video”. A good case in point can be Dyson’s video on how to set up and use Dyson V8tm cordless vacuum.

Screencast Video

If your product or service is in the software or any IT system, it is well-advised to record your screen directly for your demo. This type of video is referred to as screencast videos.

There are numerous online video recorders in the market for you to choose from for making screencast videos. For example, is a platform which not only offers screencast video recording but also allows for integration between computer screen and the presenter. In addition, it supports multiple media forms and distributes content on popular platforms with one click.

Online Education Video

With the increasing trend for students to study online remotely at home because of the covid lockdown. Online education should not just be about moving offline content online, it should aim at exceeding face-to-face education. To attract younger generations, video recorder needs to be revolutionized to bring more fun interaction so students will not lose their focus when teachers are physically absent from their surroundings, because they used to be supervised to focus in classes. Virtual background can serve to spice up virtual teachings. Powered by in-house AI technology, can help every teacher to change their recorded video background without the big-budget green screen. Students may see pyramids in the recorded video background during online history class or the structure of a cell for biology class with this technology enabled. If students like certain teaching content any second, an animated thumbs-up or a big round of applause can be arranged show up there to make it more interactive.

Insight Sharing Videos

Platforms like Zoom is replacing traditional business conferences and expos, but there is no limitation for imagination or creativity. To further democratize video recording and sharing and bring it to a higher dimension. More functionality will be added so both industry leaders and content creators can wield more magic when doing a virtual presentation. I will list some ideas below:

  • Allow two-screen or multiple-screen sharing. Game casters and weather forecasters may be fond of this.
  • Manual gesture control to change slides or zoom in or zoom out images.
  • Displaying emoji by recognizing presenter’s gestures.
  • Use voice control to change settings in videos.
  • Automatic subtitling by speech recognition.
  • Locate specific video content by searching subtitles.
  • Insert notes in videos.
  • Automatic latest PPT update to coordinate efforts within one company.
  • Customize user interface for individual companies such as adding brand logos.
  • Choosing animated cartoon avatars for presenters.
  • Make background transparent for a video.


Video content will be more fun and engaging with the help of computer vision technologies and artificial intelligence technologies. Nevertheless, never forget the fact that great and valuable information and content is the primary boost for engagement and business conversion. A master of both content and technology will surely prevail in this world dominated by digital information.

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