How to Remove Watermark from a Photo?

How to Remove Watermark from a Photo?

Sometimes after downloading a copyright protected photo, we lost it or accidentally deleted it and downloading it again would become a hassle. So, is there a way to remove watermark when it comes to restoring the intact image from the watermarked one? Let me tell you a simple method to get a cleaned copy without watermark when you urgently need that. is what I found when I am surfing online. They have tools enabled by AI technology to restore images. One of their tools called Photo Retouch is to remove things from pictures in a clean and natural way, like tourists in the background of a travel photo. Though it was not intended to remove watermark at the beginning, it works pretty well on removing watermarks.

You can remove numerous watermarks from your photos in just 3 steps by using it.

Step 1: Upload the Image with Watermark

Click the Upload button and select the photo you want to remove a watermark from.

Step 2: Use Brush to remove watermark

Use the smear repair brush to highlight the area of the watermark you want to remove. Note that you can adjust the size of the brush and choose tick or click repair. My experience is that you do not actually have to worry too much about adjusting brushes or repair types. It worked like magic simply by its default setting. Just drag you mouth click all over the watermark and you will see magic in a second.

Step 3: Download

Finally, hit the download button and it will automatically download it to the default download file of your browser. They suggest Chrome for the best compatibility.  

It is the best watermark removal tool I have used so far. Also this tool are mostly used for removing things you do not want in your travel photos such like tourists, cars, trash cans or removing stains and imperfections in a product photos etc. Plus, normally they will give out free credit for newly registered customers.

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