Founder Talk at Visual 1st on Computer Vision AI and Picup.Ai

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already taking a major part in user interfaces. Look how people interact with chatbots on the web, with Google Now on their smartphones, and with Alexa on their Amazon Echo devices at home. People interact with technology through an AI intermediary in each of these scenarios.

This is a far more natural and intuitive way of engaging with technology. In fact, we’re beginning to treat technology the same way we treat one another. We’re talking to the AI, making decisions with it, and obtaining what we need and desire through it, using a website to find information or a mobile app to do tasks.

This is an absolute game-changer. The slew of artificial intelligence technologies—natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, intelligent automation, robotic process automation, deep learning and more—will fundamentally alter our relationship with technology. 

computer vision


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