5 innovative APIs for image editing.

What is API?


API is for Application Programming Interface, and it is a software mediator that allows two apps to communicate with one another. An API is used every time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather on your phone.

What is a picture editing API?

A picture editing API allows developers to incorporate photo-related tasks into their applications, such as improving social media photo apps, accessing data from stock photo platforms, and integrating photo editing services into their websites.

How many different types of picture editing APIs can we find?

APIs for photo editing applications can be used for social media photo sharing, retouching photos, satellite imagery, special effects, passport photo creation, restoring blurry photos, bulk image hosting, identity services, stock photos, cameras, and removing photos watermarking, cartoon photos, and so on.

Cutout.pro API

Cutout.pro uses AI to assist in photo editing in various ways and they offer APIs to developers at good prices. If you are building web apps, mobile apps, websites, and others, you can find one-stop solutions for image editing using its APIs, because you only have to buy credits once and use them on all the amazing features such as Image Background Remover, Video Background Remover, Photo Retouch, Photo Enhancer, Photo Colorizer, Cartoonizer, Photo Animer to animate photographs, Passport Photo Maker, Photo Background Blur, etc.

APIs page on cutout.pro website
Cutout.pro website

Through the cutout.pro API, tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes—from start-ups to huge enterprises—use cutout.pro to incorporate AI image and video processing functionalities into apps, websites, software, or organizational operations.

Here is a demo video on what Cutout.pro can do with their automatic photo features:

Imgur API

Imgur is an online picture-sharing community that hosts a public collection of the internet’s most viral photographs. It employs an algorithm to calculate and compute views, shares, and votes online within a specific time frame. The Imgur API enables developers to use any programming language of their choosing to access the complete Imgur infrastructure.


The Imgur API allows you to access the Imgur infrastructure using any programming language. With this API, you can do everything on Imgur just as easily as you do on imgur.com. Imgur API is a RESTful API that accepts HTTP queries and returns XML or JSON(P) replies. This is identical to the APIs provided by Twitter, Amazon’s S3, and del.icio.us. Imgur API is fully free as long as it is not utilized for commercial purposes in any form.

Imgur also has a highly active developer community, which is great since it can be incredibly helpful. The Imgur documentation, on the other hand, is not as spectacular; the most recent revisions were in April of 2016.

Here is a video tutorial on how to upload images with imgur API.

This YouTuber share his experiences using imgur API

Supervise.ly API

Supervise.ly is a web-based image and video annotation tool that allows individual academics as well as big groups to annotate and experiment with datasets and neural networks.

Aside from simple annotation tools like boxes, lines, dots, polygons, or bitmap brush, Supervise.ly also includes a Data Transformation Language tool and 3D Point Cloud support.


This API includes capabilities such as AI-assisted labeling, multi-format data annotation and administration, the ability to design and import plugins for custom data formats 3D Point Cloud, and project management on several levels for teams, workspaces, and datasets.

How to use Supervisely for annotation?

CloudVision API

Google’s CloudVision API comes as near to a ready-to-use image recognition API as you can get. It’s already set up to handle the most typical picture recognition jobs, such as object detection and recognizing explicit material.

The CloudVision API may also access Google’s massive data and machine-learning libraries. This makes it perfect for detecting landmarks and identifying objects in photos, which are two of the CloudVision API’s most frequent applications.


It can also access picture data in a variety of ways. Image descriptions, entity identification, and matched photos can all be returned. It may also be used to determine the prevailing color in a picture.

Sky Biometry API

SkyBiometry is a provider of high-precision biometric identification, object recognition, and computer vision technologies for over 20 years.

They are providing a cloud-based face detection and identification API based on a Neurotechnology facial recognition algorithm, which is the fundamental technology in many commercial facial recognition systems throughout the world. The SkyBiometry API also provides a variety of premium plans and services to assist companies in quickly integrating biometric technology into their goods and online services.

There are some touching stories about SkyBiometry. It has launched a project called Twin Souls, which has helped people to find orphan who looks like them or their child. They can adopt the orphan through Change One Life Foundation under the assistance of Sky Biometry’s facial recognition API.

facial recognition API

In general, you can use Sky Biometry API to:

  • detect fake identities and fraudulent profiles on social media.
  • targeted advertising using facial detection to get information on gender, emotions, race, etc.
  • cluster photos for the digital albums; store and manage photos by grouping them.
  • secure accounts for clients using face identity and face recognition.

Sky Biometry has a free plan for calls within 500 per month, so it is very friendly to SMEs, then you can go from either €50,€100 or customize for more.

What is the significance of picture editing APIs?

Photo editor APIs allow developers to access the most recent image editing technologies with a single POST or GET request. It is straightforward and effective to add such capability to an existing website or a new application.

When developers add picture editing API capability to their apps, they may expect to be more productive. Because the API handles the majority of the work, developers will not have to correct as many issues in their code before releasing a new application. For example, one of the mobile app development companies in the UK plans to make the work of developers even easier in the near future and to create a unique list of APIs that can be used for various solutions and integrate them in an even simpler way.

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