4 Best Automation APIs For Improving Image Processing Workflow

Automation API

Marketing has evolved a great deal over the past couple of years. Images have always played a key role in marketing, but their significance has increased further in this age of digitization. Social media platforms are now filled with images that play a significant role in promoting your brand’s image.

Hence, marketers and developers alike need to have the right answer to the question of how to enhance a photo. The answer is rather simple, as it is no secret that image-optimizing APIs do an excellent job of enhancing your image. So, this article will walk you through the nuances of three of the finest APIs for automating your image optimization workflow.

But First, What Exactly Is an Image Processing and Automation API?

Automation API

Currently, many formats and sizes of images are available, making it rather challenging to always get the right size and format. Image processing and optimization APIs are designed to make this job easier for you. These APIs allow you to seamlessly convert any image into the size and format of your choice and preference. For instance, you could use these APIs to reduce the size of an image or convert a PNG image into a JPG image.

These APIs mostly follow a simple principle where you need to upload an image, specify the necessary parameters, and let the API do its job. The API will take care of all your requirements and give you an Ai enhance image that suits your requirements optimally. You can alter every detail of the image, including brightness, color, dark, blur, and much more. The best thing is that even after all these alterations, the quality of your image remains intact.  

Three Best Automation API for Processing Your Images

There are numerous image optimization APIs that have their unique offerings to stand out in the crowd. However, of all these APIs, some manage to sustain the reputation of being the best. So, here are our top three picks for APIs used to process and optimize your images.

1)    Imgix – Automation API for Content Management System

Automation API imgix

If you are searching for a powerful yet simple image processing and optimization API, imgix is what you need. The API has some of the best qualities to optimize, transform, and cache your image library. It does so with strong URL parameters for speedy websites and applications.

Using imgix means you need not worry about any constraints when creating a world of images to cater to your requirements. Imgix also provides over a hundred image operations that work in real-time. Besides that, you also get access to different content management systems (CMS) to facilitate seamless integration with different products.

Imgix is the ideal fit for you to serve differently optimized images to every device in no time. You also get an end-to-end solution to help you optimize your image and manage the cloud storage of your images.

2)    Unsplash API – Automation API API for Stock Images

Automation API unsplash

The next up on the list is the Unsplash API, which gives you access to almost all sorts of images with an extensive library of about 2.4 million. You get access to all these images for no cost whatsoever. The API has some of the best characteristics you would expect from a powerful image engine.

More than 110,000 photographers from around the globe provide their photos to Unsplash API. As a result, the API holds the potential to generate over 11 billion image impressions in a single month. You can download the API for public and private use without hassle.        

The best quality about using the Unsplash API is the ability to make unlimited requests without having to pay a single dime for the same. You can even get mobile SDKs and libraries in the language that suits your requirements. So if you need the ideal AI images for marketing, Unsplash API is the right choice.

3)   Remove.bg API – Automation API for Removing Background

Automation API remeove bg

Remove.bg is the final contender on the list of three of the finest APIs for processing and optimizing your images.bg API. The API has garnered an extensive reputation for its ability to remove image backgrounds instantly. No matter if it is a PNG or JPG file with Remove.bg API, this is never your concern.

Remove.bg API leverages the competence and capabilities of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. As a result, it stands out in the crowd as one of the finest AI upscaler available in the market. Integration with Remove.bg API means developers can now access features and functionalities that were once limited to only manual image editing tasks. Also, the API supports file sizes of up to 12 MB, which is much more than you need for a general image.

4)   Cutout.pro API – Automation API for Batch Photo Enhancing

Cutout.pro has various features to remove bg for images and videos, enhance photo, cartoonize photos, or create a passport photo ID. It is building itself as an AI-powered automatic visual design platform by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision technology.

They have now reached 3 million registered users and are growing exponentially. Their APIs feature security and stability, with AWS servers all around the world. You can check their demo video for more information below.

Check out cutout.pro pricing.


Ensuring the right use of images has the potential to either make or break your marketing campaigns before you can realize it. So make sure to feature the finest images with the three APIs above, ideally designed to cater to your requirements. Besides that, you can hire a dedicated programmer to bring the best out of your images.

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