5 occasions to use a big head cutout for an amazing effect.

Who doesn’t love parties? Do you still remember the big head cutout on a stick you that your friends were holding for someone’s birthday party? Today we are going to explore how to make your own big head cutout product.

What is a big head cutout?

People use a cutout of a face and print it for various events or parties for fun. You can also add a stick to it. The cheering team for sports events such as basketball matches can hold big head signs to cheer the team they support. Big head cutouts are perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, Christmas celebrations, graduation ceremonies, Senior Nigh events, wedding anniversaries, corporate promotions, and advertising. Moreover, you can use face cutouts in POD products such as keychains, mugs, ornaments, and cupcake toppers.

5 occasions to use a big head cutout.

1、Use it at birthday Parties for fun.

Photo Credits to PartyCity

For example, party organizing agencies have big head cutout services to offer along with other party supplies such as balloons, candy, and tableware. Helping others create unforgettable moments is what they do. Dressing up and being unapologetically unique is what we should all strive for at parties. Big head cutout will remind people who is the birthday gal today or who is the lucky one to get married tomorrow at this bachelorette party night!

big head cutout
Bachelorette Party

2、Celebrate graduation ceremony to remember highlight moment.

With printed big head cutout, you can be easily spotted in the crowd and let everyone know who you’re celebrating with.

This is perfect for cheering your friends and family members when they are on their walk across the stage and it is simple to customize by uploading a fun photo of your friend or family member’s face to cutout.pro. If you register there, you will have 1 Free credit in your account and you can download one HD big head cutout totally FREE. You can even print it and make your own big head cardboard on your own. It is such a great tool and a money saver compared to 20-30 dollars in other places.

big head cutout
Photo credits to Amazon

Just upload your or your friends’ PNG or JPEG files to it. The cutout result will be generated automatically. Also avoid blurry, dark images. If your images are too blurry, try this tool to upscale your photo.

Bring a sweet, personal touch to the occasion with this cardboard sign so your support will undoubtedly be seen and felt.

Photo credits to stumps party

3、Support people at at concert, a political event or a sports event.

As a cheering squad member, you are going to prepare lots of supplies to show your support. Why not add a big head cutout to let the player you want to cheer to notice you.

big head cutout

Bring a big head with your clever concert signs to get noticed.

big head cutout
big head cutout

4、Create a unique ID photo for your pet using pet cutout.

Pet cutout is sure to make a bold statement at your next party or celebration! Simply upload your photo and let Cutout.pro take care of the rest!

5、Create customized mugs, keychains and other POD products.

Print on demand (POD) is an ecommerce business model whereby you team up with a supplier to sell customized products such as shirts, hats, mugs, calendars, and more. you can give your customers the option to personalize the purchases they make through your POD business. 

Famous POD service company Printul saw an 80% rise in orders and a 44% rise in new stores on their platform – talk about signs of good things to come for #PrintOnDemand businesses!

Want to know how to customize your unique POD products? Let me show you step by step.

First, upload a picture to Cutout.pro using its background remover tool or big head cutout tool.

Second, download result ( PNG transparent background).

Third, upload the result to Printful’s Mockup Generator tool and select the product details you want. Simple isn’t it?


This is fun to explore and if you are eager to find more events to participate in. Plus, there are some websites to help you find event vendors in different cities such as Eventspedia(pricing) in India. For event organizations, some tools can really help people expedite their workflows.

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