Top 5 apps to cartoonize your photo.

Cartoonizing portraits into cartoon characters is trendy now. Why? It’s because the ‘avatar economy’ requires customization and sometimes we can just try to cartoonize our own portrait to create new avatars without buying any IP and it’s getting easier with lots of apps online.

What is avatar

An avatar, as used in video games, is a symbol or character that represents a certain individual. Perhaps you made an avatar while playing Guitar Hero or another similar game (to be geeky, it is a personalized graphical illustration that represents a computer user).

What is avatar economy?

It’s a concept related to working remotely at home so that in the future, all our jobs will be done at home and the employees are actually just avatars online living and interacting in virtual reality. Avatar has never become so cool and trendy until the words like “metaverse “and “NFT” got popular.

When we talk about avatar and customizing avatar, we can’t steer away from 8biticon. It’s the first-ever pixel avatar maker that turns you into a full-fledged NFT artist. The collection is limited to 11111 pieces, stored on Ethereum blockchain and, most importantly, created by every single YOU. The 8biticon innovative technology allows NFT collectors to create their own special digital assets within minutes and has taken the NFT world by storm.

But today let’s look at some other non-NFT apps which can help you customize your own avatar online using your own portrait. Cartoonizer – cartoonize portrait into Disney characters and Manga. Cartoonizer has the most beautiful cartoon features and is quite accurate when it comes to fine details of characters.

You can choose to turn portrait images into Hollywood Disney cartoons, Korean style cartoon or Manga. You can also adjust the portraits into more feminine or masculine looking.

Check out how some celebrities look like after using cartoonizer. has both web service and mobile apps to allow you to explore their features anywhere.

Lastly, this tool also does great for group photos as you can see below.

Bitmoji – cartoonize yourself to share during chat.

This app is fun to use when chatting with friends. The good thing about this app is that you can choose from a huge collection of stickers, and you can share it with your friends instantly in Snapchat. But for Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends, you have to upgrade to unlock.

cartoonize your photo

Insta Toon – cartoonize images for artistic online avatar

This software is fantastic mobile app for transforming images you’ve already shot or taking a fresh snap while in live mode on your phone into creative masterpieces! It produces high-quality photos and films with the proper iPhone ratio!! The most crucial thing to adjust that the person’s lips aren’t as red as they are in cartoon filter mode, like the Joker in Batman!

Other things you can enhance include adding a timer so you can use it with a tripod and your Apple watch, or at the very least adding 3second, 5second, and 10second timers to the app so you can modify before the photo is taken.

Colorcinch – best cartoon sketch tool for visual art creators.

This web app allows you to go from photo to cartoon in one click. Turn your photos into truly unique art using this cartoonizer, sketcher and hundreds of other specialty filters and effects. This tool is registration free and has a huge variety of special effects to edit photos, but for cartoon effects, only one style is free, for other styles you have to upgrade your account

The styles it’s offering are more like sketches rather than the Hollywood Disney style cartoons or manga cartoons.

Colorcinch is a powerful application even for professional art creators or designers to visualize their work in various ways that they can use for interpretation of photographs into ideas for natural artistic media (oil and acrylic paintings). Because of its ability to show shadows, midtones, highlights, and lines in new and unimagined ways, it is a great tool for professional visual art creators.

Befunky Cartoonizer – use diversified styles to cartoonize images.

BeFunky launched a single effect called the Cartoonizer in 2017. Befunky’s cartoonizer has the most diverse effects, including Impressionist Style, Ink Wash DLX, ,Pop Art and Oil Paintings.

After you’ve opened the Editor, go to the Image Manager tab and choose the image you want to use. Alternatively, you can select an image from our extensive Stock Image Library. To set the photo as the backdrop, simply click on it after it displays in your Image Manager and then on the thumbnail.

To apply the effect to your image, simply click on it. Your image is instantaneously converted into a cartoon within a few seconds.

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