Top 5 YouTube Tools for YouTubers

  1. TubeBuddy
  2. Canva
  4. Envato Elements
  5. Cheerful.Video

TubeBuddy for Youtube SEO

YouTube creator

If you want to be a content creator on YouTube, you have to use this tool. It’s basically a browser extension. It can seamlessly detects your data to give you maximum results.

TubeBuddy‘s keyword feature helps you to rank higher by showing you what titles people are searching for, the tag list best suited for your video, the best time to publish and click magnet, which basically helps you determine what your audience wants to see. it’s simple concise, user-friendly and vital for both professional and amateur creators.

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TubeBuddy has different subscription plans. The trick here is that if you have less than 1000 subscribers. You can have 50% off. For Pro plan, that’s only about just nearly 4 dollars a month.

Pros: intuitive to use and good data analysis tools

cons: limited tools for the free plan; bugs happen when switching between different plans.

Canva for Youtube Thumbnail

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Canva is a fantastic online graphic design program. Everything from simple picture editing to producing social media photos, brochures, and papers can be done with it. It offers a lot of features and is reasonably priced at $12.95 a month. There’s also a generous free plan, and the customer service is excellent. It provides businesses and marketers with a superior design experience.

For content creators on Youtube, you can use this tool to create thumbnail easily. It has numerous thumbnail templates and image sources for you to choose. Here is that its interface looks like when you are creating thumbnail with it. The layout of Canva is easy to use and friendly to new creators who have little design experience.

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Pros: Canva has a library of different backgrounds, templates, images, fonts, stickers to ensure that you get the best results. 

Cons: Canva has photo editor features, but it can’t do professional stuff that tools such as Photoshop can. If you work with more photos or photo layers, you should either get Photoshop or combine Canva with Lightroom. for YouTube Portrait Cutout

If you add people to your thumbnail, often you will cut the image background and just add the person. Then how to help the subject stand out even more while giving the whole image a little more pop? Try adding a white border around them!

So how to cut a person out from an image to create YouTube thumbnail like the following one?

YouTube creator
Photo credits to

If you are good at Photoshop, you can use it to create this effect. However, it still takes time for your to select tools to click the subject, refine its borderline, and add Layer Effect, etc. But with, you can save 5 minutes to half an hour depending on your Photoshop skills.

Why so? Well, they use AI algorithms to remove photo background in a second just by drag and drop and the low res result is totally FREE unless you want some big size high resolution photo for printing. I often find low res result already meets my requirement.

What’s amazing is that you can add border to the portrait after it finished cutout and you can change border color however you like.

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Canva has background removal tools as well, but unfortunately, it is only for paid users and it does not offer a tool to add border lines to portraits. So I’d suggest that you use Cutout. pro to get the PNG portrait with a transparent background and added a white border. Then upload the result to Canva to create a thumbnail.

Final result is like this:

YouTube creator


Free to use without the need for registration;

lots of other tools available such as turning portraits into cartoons.


just a simple image cut-out tool and you have to combine using it together with other tools to make a thumbnail.

Envato Elements for YouTube Video Elements

There are several reasons why you should consider being an Envato Elements member, whether you are a visual content producer, a web developer, or a freelancer.

The Envato Elements collection contains a large number of high-quality components, with new files being updated on a regular basis. There are no download limitations, so you may obtain as many files as you need.

This sets it apart from other digital stock businesses.You don’t have to worry about utilizing Envato Elements for any of your business projects because the membership includes a commercial license.


  • One business license for a single use.
  • A large selection of digital materials to pick from.
  • Subscription to unlimited downloads.
  • Low cost.


  • Even if the pricing is competitive, it may be prohibitively pricey for some artists.
  • Each item must be re-licensed each time it is used.
  • Videos are downloaded format, which takes some time to convert.

Cheerful.Video for YouTube Video Recording

This is a video recording tool developed by PicUp.Ai, an AI company using artificial intelligence to power video editing. It is not just a recorder. It has various features that other online video recorders do not have such as:

  • Remove background in real-time and change background.
  • Display and record desktop and web camera at the same time.
  • Background replacement and blurring 
  • Remove background without green screen  
  • Hide background mess for video recording  
  • Create unique personal space   
  • Free virtual image and video background
  • Deliver awesome presentations from anywhere
  • Audience participation and interaction
  • Add slides, images, videos, emoji, PDF on the Fly  
  • Become dynamic part of the presentation  
  • Upload favorite backgrounds and custom logos
  • Add personality and build branding

This tool is really helpful for creating recorded video content for business or for educational purposes. And the best part is that it’s totally FREE at the moment because they just launched it and wanted to make it more accessible to people who just started to become YouTubers or content creators. They wants to build an inclusive product with more valuable feedback to improve.


  • Removes video background in real-time without green screens.
  • Saves time for setting up or editing cam recordings and desktop recordings together.
  • Free. Saves money for individuals with a budget and small businesses.
  • Supports customizing backgrounds by yourselves.


The downloading process might be a bit slow.

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