Solutions for download problems when using

When using on image editing or video background removal, some users may encounter download problems. Here are some suggestions for the download problems:

For image download problem at

It could have been downloaded without an alert, so please double-check your download file.
You hit the wrong button. The button below is for the HD result (only available for paid users). But for the free result, you have to click the button above.


Your browser setting allows only one image download per page. Take Chrome as an example, you can find the setting both in the URL bar or go to settings – privacy and security- Images to change it.

Your browser’s security setting blocked So, please go to settings – privacy and security to change it.

Finally, use Chrome for compatibility and clear cache if necessary to see whether this problem can be solved.

For the video download problems at

Leave the processing till it finishes. Click download only when it’s finished 100%. Download problem happens usually when you click download right away after uploading without giving it time to process.

It may appear to be stuck at 1% or 10% there without moving forward because there is a queue for processing. Don’t worry. Close your window and come back later, you will find your result there. You don’t have to upload your video several times and pay credits multiple times.

If you the problem still exists, please contact us.

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