How To Enhance Sports Photos If It’s Blurry


Isn’t it so annoying that you take a photo of your favorite sport with your favorite camera, and the result is a blurry picture? Yes, I find it annoying too. So, I will share some of my ideas on How To Enhance Sports Photos If It’s Blurry.

Sports photography may be a challenging subject to perfect because of the requirement to capture images that freeze motion. To achieve the razor-sharp image you see in magazines or on the internet, you will need photographic skill and also should know photography quotes for self-motivation and expertise with your camera setting.

With so many iconic moments like Baseball FPS to capture in a single session, you will need fast reflexes and a sharp eye for sports shots to get the best results. Here are some suggestions for focusing your camera and taking clear sports photos. 

enhance sports photos

Why your shots are blurry

First, you must understand why your sports shots are blurry to eliminate them. Take note of these reasons, and you might find them relatable.

Shaky camera

This is a fundamental principle to remember. Our hands naturally shake if we keep the same posture for a long time.

Camera focus

When you are new to the world of sports photography, you are likely to rely heavily on your camera’s autofocus. Depending on AF may have several disadvantages. If your camera’s autofocus fails to operate correctly, the result will be a blurry image.

Bad lighting

Blurry photos can also be caused by low light. Your camera’s slow shutter speed and inability to expose the sensor to additional light might cause.

Shutter speed too slow

Shutter speed is critical to getting that one-of-a-kind picture. You need to make sure the shutter speed is fast enough to get better photos.

Incorrect ISO and f/stop

You probably know how shutter speed, ISO, and aperture are connected. When these two settings are not correctly set, your photos look awful. Even worse, you can end up with a bizarrely warped image.

Lens strength

The lens you use will play a role in letting you get that perfect sports shot. Professional grade lenses will often provide you with significantly sharper and brighter photos. When purchasing these add-ons, pay attention to the lens quality.

Even so, it does not mean that you can not get clear pictures with a cheap lens at all. You can, after all. You only need to understand how to use it best.

Shallow Depth of field (DOF)

Your images could also be clearer if you change the field of view. A small depth of field will only enable you to concentrate on objects in close proximity, which is not ideal for sporting events.

Keep in mind that your subjects are generally too far away from you. A shallow focus may miss activities beyond the focal center.

Dirty glasses

Sometimes, it’s not about your photography skill or your camera. When images are not clear, it could be because the lenses are dirty.

The dirty glass will make your photos look less clear. Dirt on your lens will add noise to your photos, which are difficult to fix.

How To Enhance Sports Photos If It’s Blurry

Sports images are not always blurry. With the proper equipment and setup, you can always take pin-sharp shots! Here are some guidelines to keep in mind if you want consistently clean and sharp photographs.

Use a tripod

Tripods are revolutionary! They are capable of providing you with some excellent, crisp images. Rather than shooting with your hands, you may use this attachment to maintain a more stable hold on the camera.

Tripods massively reduce camera shaking. As a consequence, your photographs will be crisp and clear.

Selecting the correct lens

Choosing the appropriate glass might speed up the process, like it or not. The key to get the most from your camera lenses is never to push them to their limit. As a consequence, the images are sharper and more detailed.

Selecting the appropriate camera

When it comes to photography, selecting the right camera is half the problem solved when it comes to photography. Sport With a sports camera, you can record your actions without holding them.

Changing the shutter speed

When photographing sports, one of the most critical factors to consider when photographing sports is the camera shutter speed. This is not as challenging as it appears. 

Because your subject is moving, slowing down the shutter speed will result in motion blur. While this is relatively attractive to the eye, particularly when taking city scenes at night, it may also be quite annoying.

As a result, it is usually advisable to use a quick shutter speed while photographing these events. As a general rule, you should configure it to meet the focal length of the camera lenses. If you are shooting with a 100mm lens, you should adjust the shutter speed to at least 1/100.

ISO and f/stop adjustments

This section is a little tricky. You need to play with different ISO and aperture settings to find the right combination for your situation for the best results.

While increasing your ISO allows you to utilize quicker shutter speeds, it may also result in photographs that are overexposed or have excessive digital noise.

Aperture affects the depth-of-field. The larger the aperture, the greater the amount of light that enters. 

The more light enters the camera, the quicker the shutter can be used. In short, you must strike a balance between these three factors to take a good photograph.

Change the focus

Nowadays, Autofocus systems in current models are rather impressive. Yet, depending only on it may not always be the best course of action. Manual focus is still the best option for the majority of pictures.

Manually focusing gives you greater creative flexibility while photographing. The sole disadvantage is that it might sometimes result in decreased efficiency.

If you have an AF system, it may take longer to find and hold on to your subject. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to attempt.

Burst mode

Burst mode is one of the simplest methods to shoot moving images. Simply pushing the shutter will allow you to shoot a sequence of shots that will freeze your subject’s motion. At the very least, you will get one or two decent photos in the series.

Remote-control devices

Instead of pushing the shutter manually, a remote will be used for convenience. This means there will be no direct touch with the camera, minimizing the possibility of camera shaking.

Lenses must be clean!

This is not your typical tip, but look! It is essential to clean your camera lenses before and after shooting to ensure the best results. It aids in obtaining those perfectly clear shots.


To get a great sports photo, you must be comfortable with your camera’s settings. Even if you are disappointed that you did not get a shot of the “moment,” you will have plenty of other opportunities to capture great pictures.

Following these tips, you can improve your expertise and start taking better pictures in no time! Moreover, always remember post-processing is an excellent way to fix blurry photos.

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