5 ways to find places to take passport pictures near me.

passport pictures near me

Use delivery companies to take passport pictures near me.

Passport photos are available through FedEx Office and UPS. Despite the fact that FedEx and UPS have thousands of sites where you may ship goods, there are fewer FedEx Office and UPS facilities that offer passport photo services. At any of these places, just contact and inquire about this service.

Use retail stores to take passport pictures near me.

Retail chains are an easy way to get your passport photographs taken and printed. This service is available at reasonable prices at major pharmacist chains like CVS and Walgreens, as well as retail giants Target and Walmart. You should have no trouble finding one of these businesses near you, as there are thousands of them around the country.

Use professional photography studios to take passport pictures near me.

Very few applicants get their passport photographs made at a professional photography studio. Studio sessions may be costly, and many studios are hesitant to schedule time with customers who simply want a single, simple image. As a result, not many studios provide this service. Those that do generally charge more than the regular price. 

Use passport offices or collaborated agencies to take passport pictures near me.

Applicants who are unable to attend a regional agency in person and need a passport in two weeks or less can use the services of a seasoned passport expediting service to submit their applications on their behalf. If you need to utilize one of these service providers and live in or near the city where they are situated, you may be able to get your passport photo taken there as well. This service is provided by some expediters. When applying for expediting, be sure you inquire.

Use Cutout.pro online tool to take passport pictures at home.

This is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to help you create passport photos in a quick way at a low cost. Their interface is simple and easy to use and their technology to effectively and efficiently remove image background allows to create passport pictures based on the requirement of different countries in just a few seconds.

You just have to take a photo at home, upload it and the machine learning process will take the rest of it. You can download the digital results or print ID photos using your home printer and ID photo paper.

Another big plus is their charge. Imagine you do not have to leave your home and spend just $2.99 to get things done at the last minute. This tool is really life-changing. For detailed information, you can have a look at one article, which is based on US passport format alone.

The verdict

From the comparison chart above, we can clearly see that Cutout.pro stands out among them in terms of both price and time. However, if you do not mind driving to your nearest retail store or make an appointment online, other choices are also considerable.

How to use Cutout.pro Passport Photo Maker?

passport pictures near me

You can follow the following steps to take passport pictures using Cutout.pro:

  1. Click open Cutout.pro Passport Photo Maker, and register your account using your email or your google account.
  2. Purchase credits here based on the number of photos you need. Pricing here.
  3. Upload your photo (you do have to make the photo foreground distinctive compared to its background) for it to process.

4. Choose ID photo format based on countries. You can change the background color and the suit you are wearing as well as to choose the paper format if you print at home.

5. Download it to save and print it if you need.

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