Computer vision trends and companies with great potential at Visual 1st 2021

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision refers to the way that companies “see” and “understand” images. The ultimate goal for computer vision is to help identify and classify objects. It is often considered a part of the AI (artificial intelligence) field. Computer vision has existed for decades, and it was first introduced in the 1950s.

computer vision

Amazing companies during Visual 1st you can pay closer attention to.


They won the Best Show of Visual 1st this year and they deserve that title. Their product is about offering product shoots in an easier, quicker, and affordable way with 3D product photography techniques. Big brands like IKEA or Mercedes have been using 3D product photography to create stunning visuals for over 15 years, but this kind of technology is now opening up to smaller brands and basically everyone.

Video credits to Zerolens

Mobius Lab

This company uses advanced AI technology to augment visual skills and enable users to get to the right visuals faster and more efficiently.

computer vision for image tagging
Credits to Mobius Lab Website

They offer the new generation of AI-powered computer vision to allow users to find and search the right images to use by understanding every dimension of an image. For example, they use AI to help recognize the feeling and emotions behind every photo, every man or woman’s face, and everything else which defines a photo feature. They are creating the next-gen of visual search solutions without the need to code or to use metadata or tags, whatever. You just need plain language to do the search. You can even train your own model to help the algorithm identify the image you are looking for.

It’s a great tool for journalism or any content creator who wants a quick and intuitive search for photos.

Credits to Mobius Lab Website

Bloom AI

They won the Best Business Potential Award at Visual 1st.

This company aims at optimizing your revenue per impression for online business. For each user, Bloom understands the type of photo that will convert the best when shown at the right time.

Bloom shows you which of your product photos you should use for ads and for social media.

Bloom splits your traffic into 2 cohorts. 50% of product images will be set anyway as you like, while the other 50% will be optimized using their AI technology, and then after 7 to 10 days, the Bloom group will start to show optimized results in sales and revenue. I like the fact that they charge minimum monthly fees and only charge commission out of increased revenue. That shows the alignment of interests between clients and their growth.

Photo credits to Bloom.Ai


Well, this company is using AI to generate content. But first, what do you know about synthetic media? Synthetic media refers to any content fully generated by artificial intelligence algorithms. This content is unique and generated instantly. A trained neural network now allows the user to create content.

“As the world expands into more visual media the use of synthetic media is expanding quickly. vAIsual’s methodology and approach to how they implement AI in the imaging space is very interesting. By generating their own datasets, they can acquire biometric releases and allow for self-identification, creating a unique and diverse dataset that can be leveraged to not just create synthetic media but to also generate algorithms to understand meaning and context of visual data.”

computer vision

Anna Dickson, Visual Lead, Google images and Google Search.

Cheerful. Video virtual studio is the newest product launched by PicUP.Ai. This company is using AI technology to help users create quality professional-level video content without green screens or studios.

PicUp.Ai has always been focusing on democratizing image and video creation by offering a wide variety of tools such as Background Remover, Photo Retouch, Photo Enhancer, etc.

It is a natural step for PicUP.Ai to evolve from image to video because video content creation is a huge market and it has a good track record for serving both business clients and individual users.

Here is a short clip of Cheerful.Video demo they did at Visual 1st.

Here is the presentation document during Visual 1st summit.

If you like to try their Cheerful Video, please find it here.

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