How to change the background color of a picture in Microsoft Word?

Change the background color around a picture in Microsoft Word

Sometimes, you might want to change the background color of your photos in word files so let me show you how to do this in this post.

There are different background colors when we are talking about it in Office/Microsoft Word: background color surrounding the image or background color inside the image.

Change the background color surrounding the image in Microsoft Word

First, you can go to Design, and then click Page Color. You will see various colors to choose from. 

Second, you can either choose Theme Colors or Standard Colors.

background color

If the color you need cannot be found there, then you can click More Colors to find more. You can also add different textures, patterns, or even pictures to fill in.

background color

Here is how it looks when you edit it this way.

background color

However, what if I want to change the background color inside the image? 

Change the background color inside the image in Microsoft Word

After you insert an image, you can go to the Picture Format tab and select Remove Background. If you are using the old versions of Word 2016, please use the Format tab. By the way, the tab is only available when the image is selected.

If you want to keep part of the image, please select Mark Areas to Keep to indicate which part you want to keep. If you are using Word on Mac, the button is “What to keep”.

Just switch back and forth to highlight the background area that you want to remove.

It might be difficult to edit the fine details such as hair and everything, but there is a quick way of doing this and the results are superb.

Remove the background color of images using AI background removal tools.

There are AI-powered automatic image background removal tools such as to help you with this time-consuming job.

Step 1 

Click open the’s website. Then register/log in using your email, Google Account, or Facebook account.

background color

Step 2

Upload the image you want to edit to its image background remover, and this tool will do this job automatically. 

background color

Step 3

Now you have this image in the transparent background, you can choose colors in the Editor section. Remember to save results before closing the Editor.

Step 4

Download the low-resolution version for free or download the high-resolution results with credit. It has a background remover desktop app available for Mac and Windows, too.

Prices on’ background remover

When you register you can have one credit to use for free, or check out their prices here to purchase credits when you have more than one photo for processing.

1 Credtis Per Image
Credits can be used for all features except Photo Animer and Video Background Remover

No discount is given at the moment but you can share to get free credits. Moreover, if you are a fan of them, you can share it to get free credits or join their affiliate program.

Tips on using’ background remover

If you share its website on your social media with an invitation link, which you can find on its page with a “gift” icon on the below right sidebar, you will have 5 credits for every friend registration.  Or you can go to My Dashboard to find the invitation link. Both you and your friend will have 5 credits to your account when your friend register using your link.


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