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What are memes?

A meme is something that can be either an image, video, GIF, or anything which is based upon an occurrence either from motion pictures, reality, and even fiction. These are usually humourous in nature and are extensively utilized for co-relation on existing occurrences taking place on the web. The understanding of a meme differs from individual to individual, however their nature is usually ironical, with intents to make the reader smile or in some cases laugh.

The meme maker is one of the most difficult aspects of social media. It is difficult to come up with good ideas for new memes and the ones that are the most popular are usually used by everyone. But there are some people out there who are trying to make memes that are original and not already taken.

Today I am going to introduce to you some of the best meme makers online.

Best meme makers online.

Adobe Spark Post -for most beautiful design and fonts

Adobe Spark Post is designed in an elegant style. Adobe is very well-know for a long time. This tool can help you in choosing unlimited backgrounds and text appearances.

It is very intuitive to use and you do not need to have specific designing skills. However, you have to submit photos in PNG format.

meme maker adobe
Photo Credits to Adobe Spark website

Adobe Spark allows you to customize a meme and there are many templates to choose from. Change color schemes, images, text, alignment, and themes at your wish. Their font data base is amazingly large and the style of them is fabulous, too.

In addition, there are numerous backgrounds to choose for your meme. In order to fully utilize these backgrounds, you may need some tools to remove image background first and then upload it to Adobe Spark Post.

Imgur – for a quick edit of famous meme and social media sharing

Imgur and meme go hand in hand. You can find the most popular meme there including Grumpy Cat. If you just need a quick drag and drop of images and editing them into memes in seconds. Then this is the tool to go. Imgur lets you do tasks such as uploading images, editing them, and sharing them across the social media sites. The only downside could be that you must do registration. Otherwise you cannot download for FREE and are forced to watch a short video ad. The good thing is it is extremely social media friendly so you can share your memes with one simple click.

Credit to Imgur Cartoonizer – best avatar meme maker

It is ok if you do not want to show your face or make you or your friends into memes, but there are tools available to turn you or your friend pictures into avatars to generate memes.

Currently this tool is not allowing for adding texts because it is not originally built to be just a Meme Maker. It can also be used for making posters, social media avatars, birthday cut outs, etc. Many businesses are actually using thier API to batch process thousands of photos everyday

However, you can combine it with other meme maker tools to add texts to create the most unique memes in the world. I mean, you can even make pranks on friends and family members using their portraits right? And the cartoonized portrait is actually more Animer —— animate photo into memes!

This Amimer comes from the same company and is a super cool tool to animate photos including portraits, figures, sketches, paintings, cartoons, and statues. You can turn photo into moving video and bring portrait to life or make funny pranks or nostalgic videos with moving portraits.

They allow you to download mp4 videos once converted and gif format will be available soon on its websit, but for businesses which use API keys, they allow GIF converting for batch processing already. But no need to worry if you are using website, because you can simply edit its animated result by converting somewhere else. There are numerous free Mp4 to GIF converters online such as this one .

Canva – meme maker for comprehensive features.

Canva has actually long been a reliable graphic style tool, serving over 15 million users. However did you understand that it’s one of the very best meme maker apps too? All you require to do is download the Canva app or open Canva online, enter “Meme” in the search box, and you’re all set to develop memes in no time.

Canva certainly has a much bigger choice of readily available memes than the majority of meme generator apps. It has countless stock images, meme design templates, sticker labels, icons, and other graphic components that you can select from. You can likewise submit your own images to make memes with.

You get versatile design templates, no watermarks, no text constraints, and you can select whatever image format to download your meme in. You can likewise quickly return and modify your memes whenever. Then when you’re done, you can share on social networks platforms straight from the app.


For something to end up being a meme it need to spread out relatively rapidly in order to hold within a society. The video clip for Korean pop vocalist PSY’s “Gangnam Style” tune exhibits just how a web meme can spread out swiftly as a result of a mix of variables. In this situation, the YouTube video clip was commonly shared (for a while it was one of the most watched video clip on the website). The video clip went viral within days of its launch in 2012. 2 years later on, its virality was attributed with “breaking” the YouTube counter, which had not been set to accommodate such high watching numbers.

Now you can try these tools and customize your own memes to create the next potential Internet storm. Hopefully you can break Internet expectedly someday.

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