How to Take Car Photos and Remove Background?

Product photography is a part of daily life for businesses. Although most product photography is fairly straightforward, car dealership photography differs from product photography for items like phones, clothes, foods, etc. 

In this post, you will see some tips on taking the best car pictures and how to remove the image background of cars with AI technology. 

A huge volume for photo processing is a headache for car sale

Some car dealership companies will hire professional photographers and photography agencies to edit photos for them, especially for car interior design photos. However, what if you are running a used car website with a huge volume of photos uploaded to your site by individual sellers? 

The ongoing semiconductor chip shortage has made finding a new car surprisingly difficult, thus making the used car market even more popular than before, with websites such as Autotrader, CarsDirect, CarMax, and TrueCar welcoming millions of users monthly. 

While the business is going great, here comes the question. How can we process photos super fast in a scalable, and budget-friendly way?

A fast, scalable, and budget-friendly way to remove bg for car photos.

Well. Using an AI image background remover to change or remove the background photo of cars in a batch automatically might be a great solution. Car dealerships can buy such tools to improve service or allow their sellers to choose this as a value-added service. This can also become an extra source of revenue for used car dealing sites, too. 

What used to take hours can now be done in minutes, if not seconds, as the AI applies a background or design to your car photos. Even better, you can add settings and designs in bulk to your car pictures. 

Here are some tips on how we can do so:

Find a clean background for cars.

Make sure that your car is outstanding in the image and not surrounded by various objects or messy colors in the background. This will ensure the algorithm can easily identify the main subject and isolate it from its backdrop.

Outdoor sunlight will help.

Shooting outdoors is better than indoors because the lights indoors will have more reflections. Sunlight will also make sure your photo is not underexposed.

Avoid trees and grass.

Threes and grass will generate more reflections. Reflections ruin the aesthetics of automotive shots by breaking up the composition. In some circumstances, it can also make it a little harder for AI to pick up specific portions of the image. 

Avoid tall buildings and busy roads.

If you park your car next to a lot of buildings or a busy road, reflections from those things will likely be visible in the vehicle. Instead, try to choose a large, open area like a barren parking lot.

Avoid using similar colors as the car.

Avoid using a background that is the same color as the car. If your car is white, then do not place it in front of a white wall. That way the car will blend into its background and it will be difficult to cut out the car from its surroundings in the image.

How to remove bg from a car image? 

First, go to and register.

You will have 1 credit free when you register. 

Second, drag and drop your picture to it.

Let’s use this photo from as an example to demonstrate the outcome. Then, in just a few seconds, it has done its job. Simple, isn’t it?


Third, edit it as you like.

If you want to edit it, you can click the edit button to fine-tune the result. You can change the transparent background into a white background. 

white background

Need shadows? No problem. There is a feature that allows you to add shadows to your car photos after the background is changed. 

You can explore how your cars look from different backgrounds. If you want your car to be presented against a sunny day background but the original photo has bloomy weather? No worries. The skies are cleared in a second with our tool. Just click “Editor” to change its background or upload an image you like. Don’t forget to click the “Done” button when you finish editing.

If car sellers want to make their listing stand out more, why not try a colorful background! The white background is just a bit dull and common, and the colorful background grabs people’s attention more easily! 

Fourth, download.

Once you’re happy with the results, download the free low-resolution version or the HD version for one credit. 

It looks much cleaner after changing the background into a white background.

This is how you use it. It’s a very simple and intuitive tool to use. Plus they have API to allow you to integrate this feature into your website so processing images in the batch is super easy for websites that have millions of users.

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