The Past, The Present, and The Future Of Graphic Design

Graphic designing is generally associated with only a few practices such as marketing but in reality, it has an extremely rich history and a bright future as well. Graphics have always been a part of our everyday lives. Human beings have a deep psychological connection with graphics. We use graphics to convey our thoughts as well as emotions. If we can’t describe a feeling in words, we can describe it through a graphic. Whether it’s a painting or a poster, graphics and visual illustrations are embedded into every segment of our lives. In this article, we’ll discuss the past and the present of graphic designing. We’ll then also discuss what the future holds for graphic designing and the professionals associated with the field.

The Past of Graphic Designing

Before its modern use in the digital world, graphic designing was a part of various activities including Sumerian written language, Chinese printings, medieval calligraphy, European heraldry, and storefronts, etc. Until the mid 90’s graphic designing was incorporated by publishing companies and marketing agencies. The major application of graphic designing was in services such as Gutenberg Press, first logos, first print advertisement, and chromolithography, etc. After this period, the use of computers increased tremendously across the globe in the late ’90s and the field of graphic designing exploded like never before.

The Present of Graphic designing

Graphic designing is one of the most popular gigs in the modern world. It is highly demanded due to its compatibility with various industries. It is the primary contributor to various business operations but marketing is the one that benefits the most from this field. Every industry has graphic designers that use various software and electrical devices to perform everyday tasks. It has integrated so much into every aspect that life cannot be imagined without graphics anymore.

Traditionally graphic designers have enjoyed great success in their respective subcategories such as photo editing, video editing, motion designing, logo designing, and many more. Because of the rapid advancement of the internet, more and more professionals have been able to connect with international clients to provide them their services. Various online platforms help these professionals to find and connect with their clients. This is another factor that has contributed to the wide growth of graphic designing as a field.

Various software and tools have been developed and upgraded over the past years. Each separate branch of graphic designing has developed this software for its customized utilization. For example, one software is designed and designated for editing photos and images only while another one is designated for video editing, so on and so forth.

A lot of communities have been able to connect online to discuss various topics related to graphic designing. Also, there are a lot of how-to guides, user manuals, and video tutorials available on the internet to give you a headstart to your graphic designing career. You don’t even need to join a high school for graphic designing as everything is at your fingertips. Today, all mentors and colleagues are just a click away.

AI has been a vital improvement in the graphic designing field. It can understand user needs and how it can solve them. So far, the use of AI has been limited to assisting services only which includes saving basic graphic designing templates and models. Most work is done by the professional graphic designers themselves.

Free background remover by has been one of the most intelligent modern AI tools that has been helping graphic designers across various industries. It assisted in various graphical operations including photo editing and video editing services. It removes the background from your photos and videos with just a click while providing green screen replacement services well. It can process large volumes of photos and remove their backgrounds through its batch processing integration module. It lets you use premade backgrounds as templates along with custom editing options. It is an ALL-IN-ONE online software that is designed to take your graphic designing experience to the next level. also allows you to batch process your images. You don’t have to edit each image individually as you can simply upload hundreds of your images. Its highly intelligent AI will effectively trace the background of all images and remove it in a few seconds. It can not only remove unwanted backgrounds but allows you to add custom and remade backgrounds as well. Apart from removing the background, you can perform several other edits with your pictures including fixing their color tones, cartooning them, talking head portraits, and much more.

The Future Of Graphic Designing

Just like various industries, there has been a lot of advancement in technology. AI is at the forefront of many professional skills. It has been really helpful for graphic designing so far but it is going to be integrated into future graphics requirements even further than today. AI uses Big Data and Machine Learning to continuously improve every day. It is eventually going to take place of all human activities without external assistance.

While the future of graphic designing is going to be even more advanced than the present, this is however a piece of bad news for most graphic designers. In the future, every graphical need will be fulfilled with just a click. Whatever the required needs are going to be, AI will eventually improve to understand the problem and solve it like any other professional graphic designer. Also, it will operate at a tremendous speed while processing a large amount of data. It is going to be much more effective and efficient than professional graphics designers.

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