5 Reasons Why Your Photos and Images MUST Have a High Resolution

5 Reasons why your photos and images MUST have a high resolution.

We are living in a digital age where graphics have become a vital part of every aspect of our lives. From electronic media to roadside posters, we consume visuals every day. Images and photos form a major part of this universe of graphics. We not only consume a ton of images but also create a lot for ourselves and share them with others.

In this article, we’ll discuss how resolution affects your images and 5 reasons why your photos and images must have a high resolution.

Pixels and Resolution.

Pixels and Resolution.

A pixel is a small area of visual illumination which means it is a small part of an image. Many pixels combine to make an image visually presentable. The resolution of an image is defined by the amount of these pixels. 

The image resolution is usually expressed in pixels per inch PPI, which indicates how many pixels are exposed per inch of an image. Higher resolutions mean that there are more pixels per inch (PPI), ending in more pixel information and generating a high-quality, fresh image.

Benefits of having high-resolution photos and images.

Our images have a wider usage than we normally realize. If we take care of the resolution of our images, we can utilize them in more effective and efficient ways. Below are the 5 reasons why the high resolution is important.

1.   More editing options.

More editing options.

Having a higher resolution in an image allows us to edit, modify and redesign them in various ways. As the PPI density is higher in high-resolution images, the clarity of an image remains intact. 

Sometimes we want to use our image for multiple purposes, and we might want multiple edits performed on our images. These edits range from reshaping and resizing to removing backgrounds and layer additions. Whatever the required edit maybe, we need a high-resolution for our image for it to remain intact qualitatively.

While we edit our images regularly, we save many editing presets as well. These presets save a particular editing style so that it can be used for other images as well. Having high-resolution images allows us to use multiple presets on them, both individually and collectively as well. We can’t use presets effectively on poor quality images as limited pixels can’t carry extensive details.

2.   More likable.

More likable.

High-definition images have the power to capture the soul of their viewers. A high resolution allows your images to be more presentable. 

As the visuals displaying technologies have evolved rapidly, the pixels inside images have never been so much exposed before. From mobile screens to OLED TVs, almost every technology displays your images in extreme detail.

To have a high resolution in an image is the key to grab people’s attention. As almost everyone has an HD display on their smartphone, the image quality standards have improved a lot as well. Without a high definition, the chances of an image being liked and shared are reduced significantly.

3.   Multiple usages.

Multiple usages.

An image, especially a high-quality image, has so many usages than one can realize. Social media posts, Ads, Youtube thumbnails, Posters, are a few of the multiple usages a high-quality offer has to offer.

Using an image for multiple purposes on multiple platforms requires a lot of editing, reshaping, and resizing. Only a high-resolution image can stand the trial of such modifications. As many platforms automatically compress your images while uploading, it drops the image resolution as well. Only the high-quality images can barely make us notice the difference. In comparison, low-resolution images are downgraded further after which only a scrap is left afterward.

4.   Can be sold.

Can be sold.

If you have a picture that carries so much value that you believe it can be sold at a pretty price, chances are it needs to be in a high-resolution for it to be sold. Images carry visions, stories, and expressions, and high-resolution help in transferring them to the users. 

Great images are difficult to sell if their quality is not up to the expectation. Without quality, the vision of an image is not translated entirely. Therefore, apart from the emotional value, an image must have a technical value as well. This is the only way an image can truly justify its creation.

5. Printing.


Sometimes an image is of such a likable nature that we want to bring it to life. We want to see it on a wall of our room to look at and admire it every day. We want it to be framed and placed on a kitchen shelf for inspiration. Whatever the intention may be, we have to print it. And here comes the high-resolution factor again.

Printers read pixels and they can only print what they can read. A high-resolution image gives the printer enough pixels to read and print without losing quality. Whereas printing a low resolution is a disaster most of the time. Therefore it is important to have a high resolution inside an image to print it and bring it to life. 

Key takeaways

 As of now, we have concluded just how important high resolutions are, for our images. We must create and preserve our images to their original high qualities. We must be aware of the practices or usages which ultimately drop the resolution. These practices can be editing on a particular software that drops the quality or uploading them on a platform that compresses them and modify their original form.

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