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WOW! So your project includes a part where you have to remove and change a video clip’s background. Well, you can just shoot the scene in front of a green screen or a blue screen maybe and you are halfway through. Now all you need to do is use a chroma-key function to replace the background. Wait!- what? You haven’t shot the clip in front of a green/blue screen? Your video was shot in a real-time environment? You don’t want to waste your time figuring out how to use the chroma-key function?

That’s a lot of problems to take in. So what do we do now? Well, I’ve got a solution to this too. You don’t need to shoot your video in front of a plain color background. You can just manually select the background frame by frame and mask the whole background you want to remove. It’s going to take just a few days. Yes, I know… a bad solution right? Why would I want to mask the background for every frame given that each second has about 25 frames on average? Well, this is the time for the perfect solution that will not only save your time and effort but will also provide you a clean background-removed clip.

I am talking about tools that automatically detect your video background using AI algorithms and remove the whole background for you, replacing it with a green screen of other clips of your choice. You can remove the video background in quick simple steps:

  1. Upload the video into the background removal tool
  2. Click on the automatic removal option
  3. Wait and done! Enjoy the clip now

A.I has made our life much faster and simpler than it was before. You don’t have to sit in front of a high-end pc screen, using highly expensive software to remove your video background. You have the footage? Great. Now all you need is an efficient tool to do everything for you while you sit and eat popcorn.

The only question that remains is which tool to use? There are hundreds of tools in the market that let you remove your video background and replace it with a green screen or a bluescreen but not all of them are efficient enough to do so. The majority of the tools you’ll find online have basic AI software that doesn’t work that efficiently and that’s the biggest problem. You cannot have footage that has half of its background removed and the rest half, distorted. To make these AI-powered automatic background removal software an industry-standard, powerful software is required that removes the background will be such a delicacy that you can not spot the difference between an industry-standard removal on a high-end pc and the automatic bg removal tool online. Similar tools already exist. The only problem is how to find them. There are very few tools online that instantly remove a video’s background and give you a clean look. One of the most useful tools online is Let’s use this tool as an example of what the experience of 100% automatic background removing looks like.’s background removal feature works excellent. It is quite simple. Head on to their website and upload your video file from the ‘upload video’ button.

Support formats: .mp4, .webm, .mov, .gif

Maximum file size: 500MB

Maximum Resolution: 1080P

You don’t need a green screen or bluescreen footage to make this tool work, all you need is a randomly shot video in real background and leave the rest to It will separate your subject from the background and will let you decide what to do with the background. There are several options:

  1. You can add a green or blue screen(or any other color of your choice) to the background and save it for editing purposes.
  2. You can provide a still image to replace with the footage background and will automatically do the job for you.
  3. You can provide another footage to and let add the background from that second footage to your main project. This feature is fully automatic and lets you make basic adjustments to your footage for more control over editing.

Why is an Industrial-level tool?

What makes better than the rest of the tools? What makes it good enough to compete with industry standards? The answer is its well-designed interface, easy and quick process, fast video processing and the accuracy of automatic detection.

Which people need tools like

Background removal tools are so common and necessary in a lot of lives. Whether you are a normal person editing your random videos or a pro editor tasked with big projects, you will, at some point, feel the need to speed up and automate your work process and this is where tools like come in handy. It requires no prior knowledge of layering, framing, masking, or chroma-key. You have it all under the hood and don’t need to worry about taking long lectures on Youtube anymore.

Why suggest is one of the most efficient tools in the market and the reason to suggest this is its accuracy and speed of processing and rendering the final video. Apart from its free version which is very helpful, the pricing plans of are very reasonable compared to the rest of the market and deliver way better performance for the price you pay. My personal advice would be to go for it if you want to change your video background in quick simple steps.

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