5 apps to make blurry pictures clear.

We’ll present you with some web and mobile applications, all of which have sharpening capabilities of varying degrees. If you need a tool to make blurry pictures clear, these apps are not to miss! 

Why make blurry pictures clear?

Make blurry pictures clear for photo printing

Instead of pixelated printing, high-quality photographs produce superior outcomes when you want to print your photos.

Make blurry pictures clear for social media post

You took a photo and only realized that it’s too low quality for social sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Then photo editing is necessary for us to create the clearest pictures ready for social media posts.

Make blurry pictures clear for APP/Website design

For any creative project, be it designing websites or logos, you need to have high-definition images in transparent PNG background. 

Make blurry pictures clear for property listings.

You need high-resolution and vivid property photographs to showcase your offer in high-quality detail, which is essential to boost your sales by increasing interest.

Make blurry pictures clear for e-commerce products.

You do not want a blurry photo listed on your Amazon or Shopify Store and clear pictures sell far better than poor-quality product photos. 

5 apps to make blurry pictures clear.

Cutout.pro Photo Enhancer 

If you want to increase the quality of your images by raising their resolution. Cutout.pro is the most affordable online tool for photo editing, and it makes use of an AI algorithm to do so. Free downloads and low-cost, flexible payment options are both available. Using this enhancer, you may correct pixelated, low-quality, and fuzzy old family pictures in a matter of seconds for printing, social media, marketing campaigns, presentations, and other purposes. Aside from removing the backdrop from photographs, Cutout.pro offers various photo retouching capabilities, such as the ability to restore underexposed images. Whether you’re a person or a corporation, Cutout.pro can help you process photographs more quickly and at a lower cost. You may utilize it on the web, download the app, or connect its APIs to your business platforms.

Vividit Photo Enhancer

Vividit is the mobile version of Cutout.pro and it enhances your photographs by enlarging and optimizing them. Face retouching and deblurring with a retouching tool. Enhance the hair, eyes, lips, and skin with these products. Using the greatest AI face-enhancement technology, you can take stunning photos. You can rapidly improve the quality of low-resolution images for use in a variety of contexts, including printing, social media, advertising, and presentations. 

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop has an automated camera shaking reduction feature that can assist clean up a blurry image.

You can simply open  the blurred image that has to be edited. Choose Filter > Sharpen > Shake Reduction from the menu. Photoshop analyzes the section of the image that is most suitable for shaking reduction, identifies the type of blur, and advises on the required modifications to the entire image. In the Shake Reduction dialog, the rectified image is provided for your approval.

Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance primarily focuses on photo enlargement, with several AI-powered alternatives to improve photo details. With powerful and innovative AI algorithms, it provides consumers with a variety of personalized solutions to match their individual needs. Furthermore, its user interface is clean and easy, making it ideal for novices. It allows you to magnify a low-resolution photograph in a few clicks without sacrificing quality.


Available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, Snapseed is a popular mobile editing application. Some may know that Snapseed is a comprehensive editing tool. but it has an enhancer too!

Snapseed has a plethora of image-altering features taken from more traditional photography applications. If you have some level of professional photography experience, the tools in Snapseed will be quite familiar to you.

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