Most Popular Apps that Use AI

Gone are the days when you were truly independent. You could live an entire life without any hustle and bustle. But thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence, you are not a loner anymore, even you want to be. You can’t imagine a world without AI anymore. It is gradually integrated into every action we perform. Wherever we go, whatever we eat, whoever we meet, AI is involved one way or another. Our smartphones, computers, security cameras, vehicles, and even kitchen appliances are using AI algorithms to record and learn from our activities. 

The most common integration of AI we experience today is through the usage of various apps. There is an application for almost any activity we want to perform. Meeting and interacting with new people, working from home through the internet, ordering food, and sharing our media with others are the most common uses of our everyday apps. All these apps use AI to collect data and convert it into useful information to create a better and more useful user experience. Let’s take a look at how few of the most popular apps are using AI to improve the quality of their service.


Tiktok is one of the most popular mobile apps in recent years. It has been downloaded more than a whopping 2.6 billion times! One of the key reasons behind its success is the AI working its algorithms. Tiktok has been downloaded in all regions of the world. Different people have different tastes and different uses of the required content. Its AI understands the behavior of its millions of users and modifies their feeds accordingly. 

Before you start using this app, it asks you some information regarding what type of content are you interested in. Once to select your options and jump in, you can’t get out. Yes, Tiktok has that hooking effect that grasps the entire attention of its user. This is only possible because of AI that is continuously at work and evolves every day to optimize Tiktok’s user experience.


Whatsapp has an active user base of more than 1.5 billion people. It one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Its user experience is designed to bring convenience and comfort to sharing messages and multimedia across its users.

Whatsapp uses AI to collect the data and compress it to increase the ease of sharing experience. It also assists in data protection. Its fas, compact and secure. These are few things that are highly valued by its users.


Facebook is the most evolved application on the planet since its inception in 2004. It is improved in so many ways that it’s hard to look back and recognize anything from the past. Concerning Facebook, AI works like a ghost in the dark. It takes of every small detail and improves it. Newsfeed personalization, sharing of multimedia, ads, and security, Facebook hasn’t left any page unturned.

Every new update brings new elements for both personal and business users. Whatever advancement we experience as human beings, Facebook integrates it into its features. For instance, the integration of facial recognition from smartphones. Facebook is not going to slow down, not anytime soon at least. Thanks to machine learning that is efficient end effective enough to collect and interpret data without human intervention.


AI is assisting Instagram in 6 key processes. These include search function optimization, targeted marketing, improving user experience, removing spam messages. Monitoring cybercrimes, and analyzing human behaviors.  Instagram has gained popularity and one of the most popular apps on the planet. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

That’s a big business advantage as most research and development that occurs on one platform is adapted onto the other one. The AI uses multiple machine learning models across these platforms and improves the processes on a collective as well as an individual basis.


After the outbreak of Covid19, one particular app has gained quite a large amount of attention. This app is zoom. Zoom is an online video calling software that connects live feeds of several users collectively. It is used for virtual meetings by most users.  

Zoom is highly secured thanks to its AI. It performs transcription service of a large volume of data that makes it more safe and secure for its users.


Privacy and security are the key elements of the messenger among various others. Similar AI is used for collecting and interpreting big data that is used in Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Messenger supplies one of the most efficient privacy and transcription services, thanks to the AI working in the background.

Google meet.

Google meet is another popular application used for video conferencing. It AI transcripts all data and provides optimal cybersecurity to its users. It also compresses large volumes of data to provide a smooth user experience. Its AI collects large volumes of data and encrypts it to be saved in google data centers.

Note that Google has the most secured data centers on the planet. This is possible due to a highly intelligent AI that analyzes shields the underlying data from cyber threats and provides effective cybersecurity.


Netflix is a very popular video streaming app and is used across the globe. It uses AI to improve its recommendation system algorithms. Netflix also uses AI to safeguard large volumes of data and provides a high level of privacy to its users. Its AI compresses the data as well for a better video streaming experience.

Bonus app. Cutout Pro

A thumbnail’s most pivotal element is a giant face, full of emotions. It should imply that there’s something in the content that if you click, will transfer that same emotion to its viewer as well. You don’t even have to cut the background manually, in complicated and time taking software. There are plenty of online tools available to you that you can use and remove background with just a click. Let me show you a remarkable website which I for removing this background.

While we discuss how various apps have been using AI for their operations, let’s take a look at this new app. Cutout Pro is an AI power app that is used for background removal and photo editing services. Its AI automatically identifies various layers on a photo and separates them with just a click. It also performs various other photo editing tasks with high efficiency.

More and more app developers are following in the footsteps of the above-mentioned applications. AI is being used in more intelligent ways than we can comprehend. Without AI integration, it’ll be impossible to compete in the app development industry.

Most companies have understood the importance of artificial intelligence and already integrating AI into their systems and process.

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