Viva AI Reviews: Use Cases, Pricing & Alternatives

1. Viva AI Overview

Viva AI has many cool features that change how we design. Let’s look at why Viva AI is better than others.


  • AI Video Generation: Watch your ideas turn into videos with Viva AI using smart technology.
  • 4K Video Enhancement: Make your videos look amazing with 4K quality, showing every detail clearly.
  • Automatic Prompt Optimization: No need to adjust things yourself. It makes creating content easy and quick.

Ease of Use

  • User Interface: The simple interface helps both new users and experts have a smooth design experience.
  • Learning Curve: It’s easy to learn. Users can quickly understand the tools and start being creative.


  • Subscription Plans: Pick from different plans that fit your needs, giving you top features at good prices.
  • Value for Money: With Viva AI, you get great creative tools for what you pay, making it a smart choice for creators.

In short, Viva AI is a strong tool in visual design. It has many features for different needs. Whether you want to make videos easily, improve video quality, or create content simply, Viva AI will meet your needs and help you design better.

2. Viva AI Features

2.1. Video Generation

Viva AI’s video generation feature utilizes advanced AI algorithms to create captivating videos from scratch or by modifying existing content, perfect for content creators and marketers looking to enhance their visual storytelling.

2.2. Image Generation

With image generation, users can produce stunning visuals with AI-driven technology, ideal for graphic designers, photographers, and artists seeking innovative ways to bring their imaginative concepts to life.

2.3. AI Replace

The AI Replace tool allows users to seamlessly swap out elements within images or videos, making it an invaluable asset for quick and efficient content editing and enhancement.

2.4. Image Enhance

Viva AI’s image enhance feature employs cutting-edge AI to improve the quality and details of images, perfect for professionals and hobbyists looking to elevate their visual content to new heights.

2.5. Video Enhance

Enhance your videos with AI-driven technology that optimizes color, clarity, and motion, providing a professional touch for filmmakers, vloggers, and video enthusiasts.

2.6. Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser tool empowers users to remove unwanted elements from images with precision, using AI to preserve the original context and quality, ideal for refining photos and removing distractions.

2.7. Magic Expand

Viva AI’s Magic Expand feature (aka outpainting) intelligently extends the boundaries of images, allowing users to increase the canvas size without losing detail or quality, perfect for photographers and designers who need to adapt their work to various formats and sizes.

3. Viva AI User Reviews

Positive Feedback

Users love Viva AI for its easy design features. The AI tech helps them make ideas real fast. They like how Viva AI turns prompts into cool videos for many needs. The 4K video feature makes videos look great, showing every detail clearly.

Also, the automatic prompt optimization is praised for making content creation simple. It removes the need to adjust things by hand, letting users focus on being creative. The user-friendly interface is liked by both new and experienced designers, making it easy for everyone to use.

Common Complaints

Even though Viva AI has great features, some users have noticed performance issues sometimes. A few have seen small glitches in video making, showing the need for regular updates. Some users also had trouble with certain subscription benefits, needing clearer plan details.

Despite these small problems, Viva AI is still a top choice for creators wanting advanced design tools. Its focus on improving user experiences with AI tools makes it stand out among visual design platforms.

4. PromeAI: Viva AI Alternative

PromeAI official website


AI Art Generator

PromeAI has a great AI Art Generator. It turns sketches into amazing pictures. Users can easily create colorful and detailed art. This makes designing fun and quick.

Video Generation Technology

PromeAI’s Video Generation Technology is impressive. It changes still images into lively videos. Ordinary videos become interesting stories that people love to watch. PromeAI helps you make high-quality videos easily.

Image-to-Video Conversion

PromeAI’s Image-to-Video Conversion is very useful. It changes image ideas into cool videos right away. Designers, marketers, and creators find this tool helpful for making their ideas look great.

Comparing Features

Making Videos

  • PromeAI uses AI to help you design easily.
  • Viva AI turns your ideas into cool videos fast.

Improving Images

  • With PromeAI, you can change styles with one click.
  • Viva AI makes videos look super clear in 4K quality.

User Experience

Design of Interface

  • PromeAI is easy to use for everyone, no matter their skill level.
  • Viva AI has a simple interface for both new and expert users.

Help and Community

  • PromeAI lets you customize designs with many style choices.
  • Viva AI helps users create content quickly and easily.


Cost Check

  1. PromeAI has different plans for all budgets and needs.
  2. Viva AI offers good value plans with top tools at fair prices.

Trials and Deals

  1. PromeAI gives free trials so you can try it first.
  2. Viva AI offers discounts on some plans, making it cheaper to use.

Overall Value

Best for Beginners

  • PromeAI is easy to use. New users can learn fast and make cool designs quickly.
  • Viva AI helps beginners with simple tools. Even new users can make great content easily.

Best for Professionals

  • PromeAI has a special mode for experts. It lets them control details like light and textures, making high-quality designs.
  • Viva AI is great for pros who need to work fast. Its smart tools help them create amazing visuals quickly.

Viva AI and PromeAI are both great for design. Viva AI is best for making videos with smart tech. PromeAI is good at creating cool art from sketches. If you need fast and accurate designs, choose Viva AI. But if you want to make amazing 3D images easily, go with PromeAI. For video projects, use Viva AI. For realistic pictures, pick PromeAI.

Visual Design Platforms Comparison

Explore the strengths of Viva AI and PromeAI in visual design tools.

FeaturesViva AIPromeAI
Video GenerationFast video creation with smart technologyTransforms sketches into lively videos
Image Quality4K video enhancement for clear visualsStyle changes with one click
User InterfaceSimple interface for all usersEasy-to-use layout for quick tool access
Community InteractionHelps users create content easilyCustomizable designs with various style choices
Pricing PlansGood value plans with top toolsDifferent plans for all budgets and needs
Beginner-FriendlySimple tools for new usersEasy learning curve for quick designs
Professional ModeGreat for pros needing fast workSpecial mode for expert control over details

5. Conclusion

In design, AI tools are very important for creators. Picking the right tool can change how good and fast design projects are. Meet Viva AI and PromeAI, two top creative visual design platforms. Viva AI makes content creation easy with advanced AI. PromeAI is great at turning sketches into real designs. Let’s compare these strong tools to see their special strengths and benefits.

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