How to colorize black and white picture?


Do you still get those black and white photos of your grandparents or perhaps your childhood in your old chest in the attic that you want to show to your children or loved ones? Lo and behold, Photo Colorizer by will offer you the old family photo kind of flex to others!

Even Mr. Abraham Lincoln is surprised by being able to bring his legacy back from a single portrait. You see how powerful Photo Colorizer have impact to our memories, right? Mr. Lincoln is now back chasing vampires!

Let’s see a group of processed images done by this amazing colorizer:

Even for a group photo, this colorizer can do a pretty good job.

Unless you are an adobe photoshop wizard who can easily transform black and white to colorized portrait you are good to go, but if you are like me who cannot, then Photo Colorizer is your best friend. The technique is not intended to be a replacement for the original artifacts, but rather to be a complement to them.

Photo Colorizer is a tool that allows you to colorize black and white photos using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Old family photographs and portraits of historical figures can all be enhanced by the use of vibrant colors. With a few simple clicks, you may restore old photographs and bring back fond memories from the past.


Color has the ability to bridge the distance that exists between the subjects of old public domain photographs and their contemporary viewers. One of the most satisfying moments is when all of a sudden, the person stares back at you as though he is alive and all things happen just like yesterday.

Black and white photo appear to be more timeless than color images. Color, as indicated by the color schemes produced by various types of film or by current trends in digital processing, can sometimes be used to identify a given era in history. The removal of color makes it more difficult to determine the exact date of a photograph. When there is an absence of color in a photograph, the light and shadows are typically emphasized. In black and white photography, topics with strong backlighting and dramatic shadows are brought to the audience’s attention instantly.

Many conceptual art photographers choose black and white photos because they have the potential to abstract the subject matter from reality, which is appealing to many viewers. In color, humans perceive the world around them; a representation of the world in monochrome causes us to slow down and take a closer look. The removal of color from a photograph allows the viewer to concentrate on the emotional condition of the subject. The use of black and white portraiture allows the viewer to focus solely on the subject’s face and interpret his or her eyes without being distracted.


When it comes to the color of your brand, the design scheme you employ on your website, and even the color of your specific products, customer perception can change considerably. In this day of information overload, many new marketers and entrepreneurs are interested in learning more about color and how they can use this simple psychological trigger to enhance their conversion rate.

Despite the fact that color photography is now the de facto standard in the modern world, photographers are still faced with the difficulty of determining whether to exhibit their photos in color or black & white. The impression of an image on a viewer can be assisted or hampered depending on whether the shot is taken in black & white or color. Making a thoughtful selection about color necessitates the application of critical thinking. Consider the advantages of using color versus the advantages of using black and white before selecting which works best for each of your photographs.

The color palette of a photograph can be used to convey a sense of mood. Color photographs should be used when color is an important element of the story being told by the photograph. 

When the interactions between diverse colors in your image are significant, color is frequently the most appropriate choice for you to use. Color tones that are highly contrasted may not necessarily transition well to high contrast when rendered in black and white. In a color photograph, the colors green and red, for example, are very different, but in a black and white image, they may look very similar in tonal value and intensity.

Give yourself a break, why take all the hassle of adding a hundred layers of colors in photoshop to manually colorize photo when you can do it in a single click? is more than just a website service; they are also utilizing an Application Programming Interface (API) with an AI Technology algorithm that was ranked first among image processing models by the Alpha Matting Evaluation. In terms of stability, it provides the most reliable privacy protection in which you can put your trust.

WHAT DOES IT OFFER? is not only capable of colorizing black and white portraits, but it is also adept at automatic processing images and videos in many other time consuming tasks. Among the various tools available are those for removing backgrounds from photographs, photo retouch, photo enhancement, 3D cartoon effects, photo animation, and many more tasks that take up a lot of time. It performs all of these functions under your control. The use of makes the editing process much simpler than it has ever been. This user-friendly tool allows you to have a colored portrait of your old family photographs, reminiscing the past or percepting the life of your loved ones because the world was never happened in black and white.

No sign-up is needed to use the software however, if you want to take advantage of the bulk upload for editing, you may sign into the registration button without any hassle. All you need to do is to have a valid email address and password or opt to sign in via your Facebook or Gmail account. Easy as 1 2 3, right?

So what makes stand-out among others? It is all about the A.P.P., Applicability as to purpose, Practicability as to user’s experience, and Perfection as to result.


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