(1) What is the Outpainting Feature of AI Art Generation: Past, Present, and Future

1. What is AI Image Outpainting Feature?

AI image outpainting is a part of AI art generation, which involves generating the areas outside the boundaries of an image based on a text description (or based on the AI’s own algorithm). The following image was generated using the Outpainting feature of PromeAI.

Girl with a Pearl Earring, In the Petal Photo Frame, Created by PromeAI's Outpainting feature

This feature was first released by OpenAI’s DALL·E at the end of August 2022. The slogan “Extend creativity and tell a bigger story with DALL·E images of any size” was used in the introduction, indicating the two most important functions: using generative AI to achieve image expansion and resizing.

2. DALLE’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring

The iconic image on the page is “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, which is a scene painting. However, unlike Johannes Vermeer’s original painting, the painter August Kamp used DALL-E’s outpainting to expand the original canvas. The original girl who was only looking back slowly added many furniture as the canvas continued to expand. Finally, it turned into a very neat room, and all the furniture and items were placed on shelves or tables. The background blends naturally with the person, as if it were the painter’s original painting.

Girl with a Pearl Earring, outpainting feature  by August Kamp × DALL·E

3. Advantages of Outpainting Feature

Why we recommend everyone to try this new feature is because compared to traditional editing, PromeAI’s Outpainting has several advantages that can help you balance professionalism and creativity:

Creativity and Fun: Upload an image that needs to be expanded to the AI, and the outpainting feature will expand an “infinite” canvas around the image. As for what content to fill, it will show the maximum creativity based on the prompt provided by the user. Infinite canvas, infinite imagination space, and surprising effects.

Efficiency: AI can generate three optional results in just one second, and if users are not satisfied, they can continue to generate. In addition, users can fine-tune the prompt or add negative prompts to get the desired results.

Harmony: With the stable diffusion algorithm, it can add visual elements of the same style as the original image beyond the original boundary, including shadows, reflections, and textures, to maintain the original background of the image. In this sense, outpainting feature is very similar to background generation.

Control: Users can upload their own images and use AI to operate them. The outpainting feature can expand the boundaries of existing images by entering text prompts and describing other content to be generated, which effectively avoids imperfect results that may be generated solely by algorithms, such as a background of a girl wearing pearl earrings in the 21st century street.

4. The Future of Outpainting Feature

Optimizing mobile experience

Outpainting technology allows you to create scenes that are wider and taller than the camera’s shooting range. With this simple change, full-screen playback can be seamlessly performed on any device (mobile phone, Pad, laptop, and even smart devices like Apple Vision), regardless of where the image is taken. This also means that vertical mobile videos will now be fully adapted to widescreen, eliminating the black bar effect, and can be switched between landscape and portrait mode at will.

Real-time outpainting

By combining outpainting technology with artificial intelligence tools, we can now switch backgrounds in real-time on mobile phones, just like using a green screen in movies.

More flexible editing

When combined with other features, the outpainting function can completely change the original image content. Simply expanding the boundaries may not fully meet the image output requirements. Therefore, we provide other features, such as inpainting, which can be used to modify or add visual elements to the original image content.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, outpainting feature is a powerful and exciting feature in AI art generation, offering users infinite creative possibilities and the ability to tell a bigger story. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative applications and use cases for this feature.

In the next article “(2) Top 8 AI Outpainting Tools: What Will Be Outside the Picture Frame?“, we will discuss which websites or tools have exceptional performance in the field of Outpainting.

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