(2) Top 8 AI Outpainting Tools: What Will Be Outside the Picture Frame?

In our previous article “(1) What is the Outpainting Feature of AI Art Generation: Past, Present, and Future“, we introduced the Outpainting function. In this article, we will discuss the platforms that offer Outpainting tools and compare their advantages and disadvantages. Apart from Outpainting, there are other terms used to describe this function, such as Extender or Zoom-out, Generative Expand, Unified Canvas. Below, we will introduce eight of the most useful AI Outpainting tools one by one:

1. PromeAI Outpainting

PromeAI‘s Outpainting tool is a powerful tool for expanding the content of your images. By adjusting the proportions or dimensions of the original image, you can easily add new visual elements to your images with stunning results. You can also control the direction of the expansion by adjusting the position of the original image.

What sets PromeAI’s Outpainting tool apart is its ease of use and versatility. Its intuitive interface and advanced features make it perfect for both professional photographers and hobbyists.

PromeAI’s Outpainting feature provides unparalleled flexibility for creating images of any size while maintaining the original aspect ratio. The 1:1 (square) ratio is ideal for social media profile pictures and product displays, while the 2:3 (portrait) ratio is commonly used for photography, printing, and vertical posters. The 3:4 ratio is often used for e-books and vertical posters, and the 9:16 ratio is perfect for short videos and live stream covers. For desktop wallpapers, website backgrounds, and widescreen applications, the 16:9 ratio is commonly used. Additionally, PromeAI’s Outpainting feature allows for the creation of images of any size by inputting the desired pixel dimensions, providing precision and control for any application.

PromeAI’s Outpainting tool is the ultimate tool for expanding the content of your images. It is a versatile and powerful tool that provides endless possibilities for creative projects, making it a must-have for both professional photographers and hobbyists. By adjusting the proportions or dimensions of the original image, you can easily add new visual elements to your images with stunning results. You can also control the direction of the expansion by adjusting the position of the original image.

PromeAI's Outpainting Tool

2. DALLE 2 Outpainting Tool

DALLE 2 Outpainting was the first website to introduce Outpainting tool, a groundbreaking feature that helps users extend their creativity by expanding an image beyond its original borders. With Outpainting, users can easily add visual elements in the same style or take a story in new directions, simply by providing a natural language description.

Dalle Outpainting tool

3. Midjourney Zoom Out

Midjourney Zoom Out is a powerful new feature developed by midjourney that allows users to extend the canvas of an upscaled image beyond its original boundaries without altering the content of the original image. With this innovative tool, users can easily expand the canvas of their images while maintaining the integrity of the original content.

When using the Zoom Out option, the newly expanded canvas is automatically filled in using guidance from the prompt and the original image. This ensures that the added elements blend seamlessly with the original content, creating a cohesive and visually stunning final product. Whether you need to create images with larger aspect ratios or add additional elements to your existing images, Zoom Out makes it easy to achieve your desired result.

Midjourney's Zoom-Out

4. Uncrop by Clipdrop

Clipdrop Uncrop is a powerful new tool designed to help users edit the aspect ratio of their images. With this tool, you can easily adjust the size and shape of your images to fit your needs, without worrying about losing important details or distorting the image.

Uncrop is based on a foundation model developed by stability.ai, a leading AI research and development company. This model is highly optimized to provide accurate and efficient image editing capabilities, allowing users to quickly and easily crop and resize their images to the desired aspect ratio.

Uncrop by Clipdrop

5. Runway Infinite

With Runway’s Infinite Image feature, you can easily expand your images by generating context-aware elements through descriptive text prompts. This innovative tool seamlessly blends new elements with the original image style, creating a visually stunning final product.

Runway's Infinite Image

6. Fotor Image Extender

With Fotor’s AI Image Extender, you can discover the endless possibilities hidden within your images. This powerful tool uses AI technology to generate stunning visual elements from natural language prompts, allowing you to expand your images with ease.

7. Getimg Outpainting Tool

GetimgAI’s AI Editor is a game-changing tool that allows you to transform your images like never before. With Stable Diffusion outpainting tool, you can easily expand your pictures beyond their original borders and add new visual elements with just a few clicks. Or, if you prefer, you can modify your images using natural language and your own creativity.

8. LeonardoAI Outpainting Tool

With LeonardoAI‘s cutting-edge image editing feature, you can transform your pictures in ways you never thought possible. This powerful tool uses AI technology to generate new visual elements and expand your images beyond their original borders. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who loves to take photos, LeonardoAI’s image editing feature is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to unlock the full potential of their images.

9. Unified Canvas by InvokeAI

InvokeAI’s outpianting tool:

Comparison of website features

PriceUser-FriendlinessDirectly Operable on Web PageImage QualityEditable after GenerationRecommendation Score
PromeAI OutpaintingFree and freemiumVery easyYesUltra HDYes5
DALLE 2 OutpaintingFreeVery easyNoHigh definitionNo5
Midjourney Zoom OutPaidModerateNoUltra HDYes4
Uncrop by ClipdropFreeSimpleYesHigh definitionNo4
Runway InfinitePaidEasy to useYesHigh definitionNo5
Fotor Image ExtenderFreeVery easyYesHigh definitionNo4
Getimg OutpaintingFreeSimpleYesHigh definitionNo4
LeonardoAIFreemiumModerateNoHigh definitionNo4

Latest Update: Adobe Also Releases Similar Tool

Adobe integrated the Firefly AI models into the beta versions of Photoshop back in May. This integration enables users to enhance, modify, or extend content based on original images using AI. The significant advantage of Firefly is its non-destructive editing capability, preserving the integrity of the original image while requiring only a simple text prompt.

Since then, Adobe has continued to improve the Firefly AI models, introducing the new feature called “Generative Expand” in the Adobe Firefly beta on July 27th. With this feature, users can seamlessly expand and resize images, opening up new possibilities for creativity and flexibility.


In conclusion, although all of the websites mentioned provide powerful image editing features, PromeAI’s Outpainting tool stands out for its unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.

It is important to note that while the other websites mentioned also offer other features or use different models, each person will need to try them out to determine their specific strengths and weaknesses. In the next installment, we will demonstrate how to use PromeAI to achieve the Outpainting tool in practice.

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