How to Create Your Own Emoji with Your Face Cutout

Emojis are fun. After all, why not? They add substance and feeling to your text. They are a whole new language in themselves, and you can easily and more efficiently communicate with each other using relevant emojis. This allows the other person to get your mood and perspective of each text. Today, we have reached a point where we can loosely communicate with ‘just emojis’. So many sentiments are attached to them up to a point then even when we feel something in real life, our mind thinks of those emojis.

Well, if that is the case now, it’s time for development in the emojis area. Many companies have created A.I software that shows possible variations of each emoji and that has added a lot to users’ lives. The next step is to turn the picture into a cartoon? What about turning your own picture into an emoji. That sounds like a fun idea, right?

Where Can You Use Personalized Emojis?

During Online Conversations

Now since your personally created emojis can’t be built into a keyboard or software, you can store png format images and use those as emojis in conversations. Believe me, it still feels a lot personal and better especially if you have a variety of different expressions of your own cartoonized emoji.

For Creating Memes

Another creative and wonderful way to use cartoonized pictures is to create memes. Converting famous meme faces into bitmojis can be used to make a character story for your social media or just simply make a meme on it. This is a different and creative method to engage with your online audience.

For your Profile Picture

Tired of posting your random pictures on your profile? Tired of changing them repeatedly? This time, do something fun and creative. Convert your picture into a highly interactive and engaging cartoon face and post that on your profile. You can bring tons of variations into that emoji using different animation filters.

Creating Your Personalized Emoji

Since it’s that fun, we should get right into the ways to create a personalized emoji. The most common and widely known way is to use Snapchat and create your own bitmoji but is it that fun? The problem with that is that it is not completely identical to the user’s face. Maybe that’s not what it’s purposed for anyway. So, we have forged our own methods to do so. The goal is to make it identical to the original face and still be fun and engaging.

Which is the Best Tool for Creating Personalized Emojis

After extensive research and experience in the market, we’ve come up with a tool that has a strong A.I, works well in removing backgrounds efficiently, and can detect a face and animate it to make it look like an identical emoji. We also would need to cut only the face out in some cases. So, a tool that provides 3 major features is hard to find right? Well, we’ve done the job for you with the highly advanced Cutout Pro. It is one of its kind tool purposed to ease graphic editing by providing highly advanced image cutter, face cutter, background removal, photo animator, image colorizer tools in one place.

How to Create a Personalized Emoji Using Cutout Pro

Below are a few essential tools that can be used to create an emoji face. Detailed tutorials are listed after each tool description.

Face Cutout Tool

Now using this feature has a requirement. If you just want to animate your face, then it is a very helpful tool. If you are looking to create a whole emoji of your body, then skip face cutout and proceed directly to the background removal tool. You can animate your body after removing the original background and replacing it with something funky and relevant!

Now if you want to cut the face out, head into the face cutout tool.

  • Click on the “Upload Image” button and select your image file from your PC.
  • You can also paste the URL of the image directly from the web and Cutout Pro will automatically fetch the file from the source.
  • You will see something like this after the image has finished processing. Here you can see how neatly the tool works and cut faces. In some cases, where it is hard to recognize faces, you might face a slight problem but that is solved with further tools and options.
  • As you can see, there are some color options available below the result window. You can choose the background color of your own choice or just simply leave it with the background removed. This is completely up to you.
  • Now download the image and proceed with further steps

Background Removal Tool

If you have trouble cutting your face from the picture or want to animate your whole body, then use the image background remover. This will scan and separate your whole body from the background.

  • After uploading the image, you’ll see those same options in this tool too.
  • Change or remove the background according to your need!
  • Download the image and proceed to the most important step.

Photo Animator Tool

Photo animator allows you to animate your photo into a video. This tool will cartoonize and add expressions using its artificial intelligence tool and provide you with a video. Once you are done uploading, there are tons of options to choose from and you can change backgrounds, add expressions, etc. This is the most important step here!

  • Upload your picture that you just downloaded from the face cutout or background cutout tool.
  • After the image is done processing, it will give you a video file with various expressions and a cartoonized animated face.
  • You can use those faces as memes, profile pictures, or even as emojis in chat.

Now play with all the tools and options you got. You can finally have something different and unique. Post this video around or screenshot the favorite bits of it to use in other things. You can try totally FREE here so good luck and have FUN!

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