Great tools to explore your family heritage.

Family history helps us as individuals to understand our culture, ethnicity, traditional values and so many other aspects of what shaped families and cultures.

History studies the past and is still impacting the present. The languages we speak are inherited from the past and the technology achievement is based on knowledge our ancestors acquired. Simply studying our own family history really gives us insights and perspectives we cannot have by reading textbooks or watching movies.

So today I’m going to recommend some tools which are helpful for exploring your family history.


This is the  largest collection of free genealogical records in the world and it is free to use! Just to choose your country and local state, and then you can find information about marriage dockets, birth & death records, and photos about buildings, service men, city views, churches, and marriages. FamilySearch is also a great source for European records and Asian Records.

What’s amazing is that it will help you to create amazing slide shows or albums about your family trees, old family photos and other records, so that you can share them with others or just keep them to cherish your memory.

The following photos are credited to FamilySearch, and are enhanced by’s AI photo editing algorithm called Photo Enhancer.

You can create a slideshow to display photos of your family history.

FamilySearch Wiki

FamilySearch Wiki

FamilySearch Wiki is connected to FamilySearch, but you don’t need an account to use it. Check this site before using other sites will save your time. There are records for every US state. If you’re researching countries outside the United States, there is a helpful step-by-step guide to getting started. The site itself is very intuitive to use and user-friendly. Map is clickable to quickly get you to the information you need. The visual effects just make this tool quite easy to navigate.

23 and Me

Many people may use DNA to explore who their ancestors are. So one thing they can try is DNA testing. Its popularity has been well-known in recent years, and the total number of people being tested by DNA testing companies is likely to double in 2021 done by a study from MIT. This DNA boom also attracted attention of this man who have been to the edge of space —— Virgin Airline’s founder and billionaire Richard Branson, who also included this company in a merger into his SPAC investment.

Even though there are information security concerns, DNA tests are still in high demand because there are just many things you learn from these tests.

  • Personal Identity—DNA answers the question of “who you are”. We are just a bunch of molecules and proteins with genetic information stored on them.
  • Family History—It allow you to trace your family back much farther than traditional genealogy records.
  • Ancestry—You can also use your DNA to find out where you and your family came from. DNA tests may even allow you to find out what time in history your ancestors arrived in certain locations.
  • Health Info—Uncover the most important health information might be the most urgent reason for DNA testing.  You can easily find ways to lose weight, optimize your vitamin routine, and even learn about potential genetic threats or genetic diseases you inherited from your ancestry.

Find My Past

Findmypast helps its members explore their lives reframed with extensive family records and it allows you to create a rich, visual timeline of your family history, made up of milestones and photos. This company begins in 1965, when a small group of professional genealogists and heir hunters decided to start on their own using digital media.

In their archive you can find some interesting pictures and history to explore. In the article posted by Daily Mail, it said that more than 300,000 photos have been released on Findmypast in partnership with Francis Frith Collection.

With their huge database and abundant information, you can, for example, explore London in the past and relive the life people had several decades ago.

Below is a picture of London’s Westminster Bridge back in 1890. Many pedestrians were traveling there even then, along with horses and carriages. In the background are the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, which are well-known landmarks for United Kingdom and all around the world.

Original photo credit to Find My Past
Enhanced by
Colorized by

This company just launched its Photo Colorizer and Enhancer products. All the black and white photos and old family photos can be upscaled, denoised and colorized to a better quality. They are using AI technology right now to empower people to tap into the infinite possibilities of the digital world with No.1 algorithm in the world. Now let us take a look at how previous photos look after being colorized by’s Photo Colorizer.

It is amazing how AI has revolutionized our lives. Now we can keep memory alive forever by these amazing tools. Plus photo editing apps and social media platforms can include these features into their service to start another social media storm and grab users’ attention now. Blurry photos and black and white photos will be magically turned into amazing highlights and impress people.

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