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Restore old family photo to bring memory back.

It was Saturday, 10 September 2021. I was standing on the balcony at 9 o’clock in the morning sipping my coffee, feeling the glimpse of sunlight on my face piercing its way through the tall smoke tree. I can hear the birds chirping around. It’s always satisfying to see them fly freely wherever they want whenever they want. I picked up my phone to check my to-do list for the day and ping! There’s a notification which says “GRANDMA’S BIRTHDAY” due tomorrow. There is a quick rush of adrenaline mixed with panic. Thank God! I checked my phone otherwise I would have forgotten about this big day.

But let me tell you how it’s like to celebrate birthdays in our house. It’s a bit weird. My late grandfather never liked grand celebrations but will always wish us on our birthday and give us blessings and love. But, after he got old and starting suffering from Alzheimer’s, he forgot what birthdays are and sometimes even his family. But there’s one person he never used to forget, my grandma. After the passing of my grandfather 5 years ago, there has been an air of tension and seriousness at every birthday party.

And while I was standing on the balcony thinking all this, I also knew that I am running out of time to plan something special for her and do something that she would love and be able to connect with personally. After all, a gift has more meaning when it has some personal element to it. I knew that nothing is dearer to her than her memories with her family and with the love of his life.

For that, I started gathering pictures of her wedding, her life before that, and every little moment that was captured by the camera eye.

A few hours later, I had a collection of 60 pictures on my phone. Some colored some black and white. And that’s where it hit me. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if I bring life to the black and white pictures by colorizing them? They were the best times of my grandma’s life and who wouldn’t love to see their pictures in color.

I decided I am going to colorize it. I picked up my phone, put on my shoes, and went to the editing shop. I asked him how much he would charge for the pictures and oh man! It was so expensive.Not only so, the printing guy told me that It would take 2 days which I didn’t like to wait.

So, I went back home wondering what I would do in such a brief time. Initially, I thought to give up on the plan and try something else, but I knew how happy she would be seeing that kind of surprise. And there begin the hunt for an easy-to-use tool that can colorize my pictures in a click and help me remove some ugly backgrounds. Phew!! After half an hour I stumbled upon the priceless treasure. I found an automatic AI tool called Cutout Pro through a review post from BrowserHelp.

It was so simple and easy to use. The site was simple to navigate providing me a smooth interface. I signed up and uploaded my pictures, yes, all of them in one batch, and in just some clicks I was able to remove backgrounds and colorize my pictures efficiently. Man! It looks so natural…can’t even spot if it’s fake or not. The colors blended perfectly and enhanced the quality of the images.

All I had to do was click a button, upload pictures and that’s it? The A.I was so perfect and efficient that not even a single color looked fake. It felt like it was taken from a quality camera. The end resolution during my export was high enough to not lose details and quality.

“Grandma would be so happy,” I said to myself.

I downloaded everything and went to get the pictures printed. The printing guy was amazed to see how quickly I had colorized pictures. He asked me where I got them from but I acted mysteriously. He clearly feared that he is going to be out of business if there is a competitor who colorizes images faster. I got the prints quickly and start clipping them on a string.

old family photo old family photo old family photo old family photo

Then I tied the string on the wall along with some addition of lighting. It took some time but colored pictures were totally worth it. It took 6 tiring hours to complete it. By the time I was done with it, it was 10 o’clock in the night. Now I had enough time to arrange a cake and scrumptious dinner for her. I ordered her favorite cheesecake and pasta and cooked her favorite food which she absolutely loved. 

After that, I called my uncle and aunt to come over and they arrived just in time. We sat there and talked, and grandma felt comfortable and happy. Then at 12 am, I blindfolded her and took her to her room.

Blindfold off!!

She is standing at the door of the room and staring at those pictures, and I started singing the happy birthday song to her. Tears rolled down her eyes, she couldn’t stop looking at those memories with a huge smile on her face and happy tears in her eyes. Everyone is standing there startled and amazed by my idea and the vibrance of the images. Black and white pictures came to life and so did my grandma.

Seeing her happy and smiling was a wonderful experience. I was just so relieved to be able to get the right tool in time. After that, God knows how many times I have used and suggested this tool to remove background for images, CV, and other educational and office use. You can see how helpful these advanced tools can be in providing quick results with minimum cost and time.

It’s truly incredible and I highly recommend They are doing amazing products.

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