Top 10 Shopify Plugins in 2022 for Your Online E-commerce Stores.

WhatsApp Chat & Messenger Chat – shopify plugin for customer service

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It’s a super easy plugin for visitors to get in touch with you. Just a click on the chat bubble – and they can write their message with questions, requests, and more in a familiar messenger. And you will be able to answer and stay in touch from any place. This tool will give more leads through engagement as well. It improves sales by multiplying its capability to answer consumers and the best thing is that it’s totally intuitive to use. Just add your mobile number and it’s finished. Easiest WhatsApp talk.

Elfsight Popup – shopify plugin for webpage design

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The Pop Up app will assist you in increasing the number of sales by drawing attention to your special offers on the site. With welcome and exit popups, you can help hesitant and departing clients receive what they want while also improving the user experience for additional visits.

It is extremely adaptable and multipurpose. Announce bargains and limited-time deals, gather subscribers and comments, recover unfinished orders, show warm welcome pop-ups, notify about upcoming releases – and much more. You can specify which pages your email popups will appear on, as well as action and condition triggers, a frequency, and the devices on which the widget will appear.

Cutout bulk background remover – shopify plugin for product photo

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Creating professional product pictures is time-consuming and tedious. Using our app takes care of the challenge easily. You only need to save the background and special effect settings under the “setting” tab in the app. Then just click one button to generate stunning product images. Not only to improve efficiency, it also helps to increase your sales by presenting professional and appealing product photos.

You can save both time and money using this plugin. Moreover, you can actually download their desktop app for batch photos processing or integrate their API into you online shops even if it’s not Shopify that you are using.

SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed

If you are a new company owner, this software is simple to use and navigate. AVADA SEO Suite is the most comprehensive SEO application available, and it will assist you in outranking your competition in search results.

The key benefits of this tool will be:

  • In the blink of an eye, a fast website is up and running (mobile and desktop)
  • Speed up the loading time of a website (site speed, page speed optimizer) to improve the store’s ranking and sales.
  • A faster Google index of images and content from websites.
  • Structured data / Rich snippets.
  • Standardized meta tags
  • Compress images, automatically add images alt attributes -> improve ranking on Google Images
  • Integrate with Google Search Console.

Seguno: Email Marketing – shopify plugin for email marketing

Seguno is a top-rated email service designed just for Shopify.When you own a store, your most precious asset is time. Other programs that support many commerce platforms or enterprise merchants may slow you down; Seguno was designed to save you time and boost efficiency.

Also it has features to allow you to insert images from your Instagram feed, sync Facebook leads in real-time, automate product review request emails and realize customer tagged automation for wholesale customers.

Currency Converter Bear – shopify plugin for Payment

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It helps you to convert your store prices into 160 currencies in one click. You can add currencies with the push button. The exchange rate is updated regularly and are always updated.  When you customers move into new places, it can auto-adjust
its currency based on location.

There are other features available such as round converted prices, currency switcher design control, custom CSS and custom JS inputs for max control and flexibility.

Vanga AI ‑ Upsell Assistant – shopify Plugin for Sales

Think that you can assist online merchants in doing something as important as increasing their bottom line without lifting a finger is a joy in and of itself. Vanga analyzes data to determine the best post-purchase upsells to increase the size of each order and optimizes the offers for each consumer in your shop. All you have to do is install it, and she will take care of the rest.

Most merchants do not utilize upsells, and Vanga is the ideal solution for them – they don’t have to locate the correct product match, they don’t have to design the offers manually, and they don’t have to do any A/B testing – the algorithm handles it all without the store owner having to do anything.

It has no risk of losing sales because ustomers have already made their primary purchase at the time of the upsell, so you can’t frighten them away. Vanga protects your conversion rates while significantly increasing your average order value.

Order Printer: PDF Invoice Pro – shopify Plugin for Customer Satisfaction

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This plugin helps you to customize a unique invoice template. With easy motions on a single screen, you can easily and completely change invoice and receipt forms. Merchants are offered 9 different templates by default.

There are 3 options (portrait, landscape, Infinity) for Order invoice, Packing slip and Refund (credit note).  Each template can be easily modified by adding/removing sections, customizing color, messages, and more, to make it more personal. Additional templates are available on paid plans.

Moreover, it’s a generator of quotes. By using a POS-like interface, merchants may construct a bespoke quotation and auto-send it to consumers with PDF Invoice Pro. Lastly, it’s just super easy to use, even for non-tech users.

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing – shopify plugin for Organic Growth

This one helps you to manage your affiliate program with a few clicks. With this plugin, you can simply create a default commission, customize the registration form, set up payment with ease.

Affiliate means growing your network exponentially, and you can even convert your customers to affiliates or leverage UpPromote Marketplace to expand your affiliate network.

Well, if you adopt affiliate program, you have to be able to track affiliate performance.  UpPromote enables shop owners to automatically track affiliate links, coupons, emails, SKUs through Powerful reporting system to keep track of clicks/conversion.

Pinterest – shopify plugin for Social Media Marketing

This allows you to quickly upload your product catalog and publish Pins for items you sell. Track performance with the Pinterest Tag and keep your Pins up to date with our daily automatic updates. Once you’ve uploaded your catalog, people on Pinterest can easily discover, save and buy products from your website without any advertising spend from you.

You can also each even more people with campaigns to build awareness, drive consideration or get conversions all from your Shopify interface.

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