6 simple ways to enhance image quality with photo editing tools. 

enhance image

We all need to enhance our images with some tools. Do you have a vast collection of images that have poor quality, such as blurry images, pixelated images, or images with low exposure?

Is it impossible to use our favorite image as an avatar because it is too dark or blurry? You no longer need to be a professional photographer to efficiently edit and repair your photos.

Read this post all the way to the conclusion, you will learn how to enhance your images and know some valuable hacks.

enhance image

Method 1: color correct poorly exposed photos to enhance image. 

Poor lighting is one of the most common issues that photographers confront, since it spoils the tone and obscures crucial features. To improve the quality of a low-quality image, you must first fix its exposure.

enhance image

Utilize auto-enhancement. Photos are automatically enhanced with light and color correction. Cutout.pro recognizes specific lighting faults in each photograph and resolves them individually, while still preserving the areas of the image that do not require retouching. You can use the AI color correction tool to balance the colors in the image to bringing out colors for more clarity and liveliness.

Method 2: Changing old photo’s colors to enhance image. 

Looking for a solution to improve and revitalize the images in your family’s archive? If you do not know how to repair old family photographs, you may use Cutout’s Photo Colorizer to not only improve your latest shots but also to repair old treasured photos. You can also bring alive some celebrities portraits or old-time photography to recreate history for museum events to increase fun for your audience.

enhance image

Method 3 Adjust the sharpness of subjects by blurring image background.

The Blur effect is sometimes known as “Bokeh.” Bokeh is the out-of-focus area of a picture created by a lens in photography. The variation in lens aberration and aperture shape makes certain lenses’ bokeh particularly beautiful.

enhance image

Though not technically Bokeh effect, Cutout.pro’s Background Blur tool, using advanced image processing technology, still generates a lovely blur effect in the background of an image, which gives the image a strong visual impact,

This AI smart focus features an area selection application which will automatically recognize the focus area to keep the main subject clear, sharp, and in focus to enhance your image.

Method 4: Enhance your images by removing objects you do not want.

Most photographs depict everyday individuals rather than movie stars, and real people might have wrinkles around their eyes and skin imperfections. If you look closely at the woman in the photo below, you’ll see that her skin has some acnes. These less ideal spots are very hard to hide without make-up and post-production, but they may be removed in just a second with some intelligence technology.

retouch photos

Simply by a few brush strokes, you can use Cutout.pro’s Photo Retouch to remove the imperfect details on your skin. The eraser may also apply to the random passers-by, a rubbish can, etc.

Method 5: Crop the image to enhance image composition. 

How do you make a good portrait photo out of a bad one? The key is to optimize its composition. If you weren’t able to capture the perfect scenario when shooting, you may still improve the look of your photos by cropping them.

Method 6: Use the Vignette effect

Artistic effects and masks may also help you increase image quality and give it a more professional appearance. In this case, we’ll use a vignette effect to draw attention to the individual in the middle of the portrait shot. Rounded darkening or lightening will aid in drawing the viewer’s attention on the subject in the photograph to enhance your image.

Vignette effect


There are so many photo editing applications and services on the market now that every picture enthusiast will undoubtedly discover the ideal choice for their talents and budget.  Cutout.pro is one of the user-friendly image editors for beginning photographers or internet services that allow you to accomplish everything with a single click. Even with so many possibilities, you could choose an automated image editor because of its user-friendly design and strong editing capabilities that don’t take long to grasp.

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