Auto Blur Background

Start creating stunning photos with gorgeous background blur like DSLR camera. Change
depth, create surreal effects, and attract viewers with our Blur Background Tool.

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AI Smart focus

The smart focus area selection application automatically recognizes the focus area. Keep the subject clear, sharp and in focus.

Quality Photo Blurring

Create depth of field and surreal effects with professional photo blurring. Make unnecessary elements fade away into the background.

Blur Strength Adjustment

Adjust the image blur strength to provide a larger blur effect for the picture to be blurred.

For Photographer

Check out the power of our blur image tool, take photo editing to new depths. Use it to control the depth of field and direct the viewer's attention to the most important part of the image. Blur images with unparalleled ease and gobeyond the limits of viewing angle!

For Art Creator

Use our professional quality blur image tool to create fantastic effects. With a few quick and easy clicks, you can use it to blur images, soften your photos and create a mysterious and seductive atmosphere in your photography, blurring the boundary between reality and imagination. Just adjust the blur intensity to create endless unique pictures to add personality to your portfolio.

For E-commerce Shops

The data shows that higher-quality photos get higher sales. Focus on your product, blur the rest, have a unique sense of luxury, beat your competition and impact your conversion rate. to your portfolio.

Fro APP/Website Graphics

The blur image tool turns your photos into an ideal canvas for creating image references and web graphics. It will remove hard lines, blur details and providing the perfect space for your design. Create beautiful, professional-quality images that meet all your business and personal needs.