How To Remove The Video Background Of Sports


You have captured a fantastic video of a cycle during a baseball game, but something does not seem right. Is it because of the background? Well, you should know how to remove the video background of sports.

video background for sports

Sports videos often are shot in the most unsuitable places. At the same time, you might not get the perfect setup and backdrop, the sound and lighting quality matter most here.

Green screens are not used in sports videos, and video backgrounds may or may not match the intended concept or aesthetic of the video. Several tools are available for removing background from a sports video to make it more impressive. 

A competent video editor can assist you in removing the undesirable background and changing it with a picture or video of your preference. Here, you will learn about the top sports video background removers, which will help you modify video backgrounds without using a green screen.

How to remove sports video background

video background

You must have the idea that green helps in the sports video background removal process. The reality, though, is the total opposite.

You can indeed change a video’s background without a green screen. The procedure is easy; you will just create separate copies of the Chroma Key for each hue in the background. Adding more detailed backgrounds complicates things.

Step 1: Post the Video

Adjust and reposition the video to the center, if possible. After uploading the video, go to the Picture in Picture option and choose the Chroma Key option. Remember to keep the shortcut in mind while working with the video timeline.

Step 2: Use Chroma Key to Get Rid of Background

Observe your video’s content and the colors thoroughly. If the background has two different shades of the same hue, you will need to build two Chroma Keys.

Decide on a tolerance level between 10 and 14 by comparing the hues of various colors. To prevent exceeding the acceptable degree of tolerance, adjust it according to your visibility. It will begin by deleting the video’s most essential elements, such as the people.

Use Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere pro from Adobe is one of the most excellent video editing programs you can get your hands on. It is an easy and uncomplicated video background removal solution that is not at all difficult to use. You only need to be aware of the actions taken to correctly remove the background from your video.

Step 1: Put your video on premiere pro.

The first thing is to upload your clip to premiere pro.

Step 2: Select the colors you want to eliminate

When editing videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can choose which colors in the background you want to keep and which ones you want to delete. Make sure your selected person is not dressed in the same color as the background. Otherwise, they will be removed as well.

Step 3: Save the changes.

Save your adjustments after selecting the colors you want to eliminate from the video background.

Step 4: Save the video.

After your sports video background is erased, you may save your video.

Use Final Cut Pro (Mac Users Only)

Final cut pro made by Apple that has a plethora of impressive capabilities for removing the background of your sports video. You can use Final cut pro’s built-in features for adding effects to the background, removing background noise, and more.

This system lets you remove the video’s background and change it with a suitable clip. Add a new video to the timeline which you want to use as a replacement for the video background, then your sports video background will be completely erased.

Remove Sports Video Background Online

Removing sports video backgrounds from websites may seem simple, but it may be a real hassle. Background removal methods range from complex and time-consuming to less-than-stellar but straightforward.

There are several online sites where you can easily erase video backgrounds for free. Several of these websites enable you to modify the backdrop with a new video that only software can do.

Cutout Pro

Video backgrounds may be readily removed using without the need for a green screen or other high-end equipment. This is an entirely automated procedure. You just submit your sports video clip, and the website handles the remainder.

How to delete a video’s backdrop with minor interruptions

Chroma Key’s magic is remarkable, especially for the first time. And here are three ideas to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible:

  1. Keep your original video’s dimensions and quality as-is. If you do so, the nearby colors may become blended, and whenever you remove the backdrop, certain items may obtain the tint of the deleted background.
  2. Use a uniformly coated background and good lighting while making videos. The software will have an easier time detecting and removing a distracting background color if it has a more uniform color.
  3. The thing you are photographing should be as distinct from the backdrop as possible. Do not wear the same as the background as it has a higher chance that the software will erase the cloth too. Dark colors work the best.


You may not always have the privilege of getting the right background and setting to make sports videos. In the crowded market of sports videos, you will hardly survive if your sports videos don’t look good.

Using video editing software to replace the original clip background with your chosen one is a simple solution. You can use the tips mentioned above for your help and get your hands on the software and master them.