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Support format: .mp4, .webm, .mov, .gif

Maximum file size: 2GB

Maximum video resolution: 4K

For larger files and higher resolution videos, please contact Technical Adviser
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No need for green screens, remove background from real scene videos and replace with virtual background

Say goodbye to professional green screens, expensive equipment, sophisticated technology

No need for green screens, remove background from real scene videos and replace with virtual background

Fully automatic,remove video background with only one click

No need to click on pixels, pick up colors, draw masks, and move paths.

Fully automatic,remove video background with only one click

Sample Video


Step 1 Register on

Register on using your Google account or Facebook account. After that, you can log in and purchase video background remover credits. Or you can download 5 seconds of preview video for free.

Step 2 Upload Video

Upload a video from your desktop to’s Video Background Remover . It can remove mp4 background together with other video formats like, webm, mov, or gif. It may take a few seconds or longer for the video to be fully uploaded and its background automatically removed , depending on the size of your video. Our tool is using AI algorithms to automatically help you make video transparent, change background video or remove black background or any color background online in a second.

Step 3 Automatically Change Background Color/Image/Video

When the processing is finished, it will show 5 seconds of free preview at 360P. Then you can click the Color Palette on the left to change the background color of the video or click the Upload button upload any photo or videos as you like. Once it’s done, you will see the result in preview. Please be aware that some browser/video player/video editor may not support alpha channel to show transparent video background. So even when the video background is fully removed, you may see a black video background with glitches, flawness, or just not fully removed. Please use softwares like iMovie, Premier Pro, etc. to see and edit the real results.

Step 4 Download Video

lick download only when the video rendering is finished at 100%. Downloading problem happens usually when you click download right away after uploading without giving it time to process. After that, you can either edit it using video editing softwares that support transparent video background or share it immediately on social media such as YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok

Video Tutorial on How to Remove Video Backdrop Without Green Screen.

FAQ on how to remove bg from video

How to get better results when using video background remover online?

If the video for remove bg upload has a contrasting backdrop, it’s easier for our algorithm to cut out the main subject from video background. Video background removing also works well on sports game video, bird watching videos, and other motion stock video footage when one main subject can be easily identified.

What’s the format of the downloaded file?

The default transparent video without background is MOV, while the video with changed background is MP4 after downloading.

I am having a download problem. why?

Leave the processing till it finishes. Click download only when it’s finished 100%. Downloading problem happens usually when you click download right away after uploading without giving it time to process.

The video seems have stuck there. What should I do?

It may appear to be stuck at 1% or 10% there without moving forward because there is a queue for processing. Don’t worry. Close your window and come back later, you will find your result there. You don’t have to upload your video several times and pay credits multiple times.

Why the video background seems black when I want it transparent?

Some video editors do not support showing transparent backgrounds so it shows black background. If you use video editing software that supports the alpha channel, it will show transparent background. The following online video editing softwares do support transparent background: QuickTime, Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve (free version available), VSDC (free software), Final Cut Pro, iMovie.

When I download video result, what’s its format?

It will be turned into MP4 automatically. Our background remover for videos also supports GIF and Webm, but these features are only available now for business clients. You can contact our BD team for more information at:

What is GIF?

A GIF is a lossless image file format that supports animated and static images. You can find more GIF ideas on

What is Webm?

WebM is an audiovisual media file format that is open, royalty-free and compatible with HTML5. It is sponsored by Google and widely supported by various browsers and platforms.

Why do people need transparent video background?

People can further edit a transparent video background by adding another virtual background to it. You can add scenery, starry night, beautiful sky, modern iconic buildings, historic travel spots or just fictitious sci-fi scenes to your video background to make your video more creative, fun and engaging without using green screen like the traditional film studios did. It is a great tool for content creators on any platform, including Youtube, Vimeo, Steam, etc.

What is green screen?

Green screen is the technique often used by Hollywood production to take green screen as backdrops for video and film shooting and post-production. Producers are using color key effects to superimpose and remove the background from videos to create a virtual world or add special effects to videos.

What makes a video background removing service great?

Creating background-free video used to require complex and professional techniques like chroma keying and greenscreens. But automatic video bg removing powered by AI is life-changing by saving time and cost. It is extremely powerful when it comes to batch video editing needs for businesses.

Can our background remover be applied to live-streaming?

Currently our video background tool does not support live streaming, only to recorded video in video editing, but it is available on another tool we have called Cheerful.Video, it’s a video recorder that support virtual video background. Also, you can upload the final results easily to any video sharing platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, etc.

I don't have any professional editing software that supports MOV format, what should I do?

Does your editing software support a green screen or blue screen? If so, you can download the video with green/blue background, which is turned into MP4 format automatically when you download. After importing the video, the editing software that supports green/blue background removal can automatically remove the green/blue part to create a video with transparent background.

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