Privacy Policy

The safety of our customer’s personal data/information is the top priority to us. In the following paragraphs, we will explain to you about how we process your personal data and the Rights & Entitlements you have under our data protection regulations. We are always at your disposal for any complaints, questions or suggestions about data protection.

Data are strictly controlled by:




1. How do we use uploaded data (images, videos)?

All uploaded images and videos are secure and will be dealt confidentially, data will be transferred with SSL/TLS- encrypted and only use them to perform requested image or video processing. A share or publish of information to any third parties are prohibited. Any uploaded images and videos, processed or non-processed will be deleted automatically. However, usage statistics (without images) will be stored for customer relationship purpose only in case you need to speak to us.

2. How do we handle face data?

  • We use artificial intelligence technology to automatically create highly realistic facial transformations base on the portrait photos user uploaded.
  • We use third-party cloud provider – specifically, Amazon Web Services – to process and edit photographs.
  • Only the selected photos are uploaded to the cloud for editing.
  • Photos are temporarily cached on the cloud servers during the editing process.
  • Photos remain in the cloud for a very short period of 24-48 hours after you have last edited the photograph, so that you can access the image and make additional modifications if you choose to do so.
  • We do not use the photos you provide for any reason other than to provide you with the portrait editing functionality.

3. Server Logs:

There's NO personal data required for the visit/browsing of our webpage and/or App. However, our web servers will only collect the data provided by your own browser. Thus include:

  • IP address
  • Date, time
  • Request context
  • User ID
  • URL
  • The amount of data resented to you
  • A message as to whether the request context was successful or failed
  • Identification data of the browser and operating system being used
  • Weblink from which the access was made

The legal basis for processing is based on our legitimate interest in ensuring system security, technical support and improvement of the service quality. These data may also be forwarded to the authorities should a hacking attack occurs. No other transmission to third parties takes place. All the server logs are stored for no longer than 3 months.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that our webpage saves on your computer in order to make your visit more efficient and allows to use some of the special features and functions. These may contain information about your use of website. Data/information contained in a cookie is used to store individual selections or actions made by the users; therefore, they can be retrieved if users leave the page and revisit later, or refresh of the page. Some cookies are also used to create non-personalized statistics. Cookies are automatically accepted by most web browsers. You can prevent this by changing the default setting in any of your web browser. You can also remove cookies stored on your personal computer/laptop, mobile device at anytime by deleting the temporary internet files. We use the Google Analytics as our data providers to process data about user's use of our webpage in order to adapt it to our customer's best interests in any possible way. More information about Google Analytics can be found at (

5. Request to delete your account and data:

You are provided with the right to delete your account and data by yourself on our web platform by the following steps:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to My Dashboard, then Account Settings to delete your account.

Be aware that once you perform the above steps, your account and data is deleted. Do not log in again using your Google account to check whether your account is deleted or not, because if you do that, it means creating an account all over again.

If you still need confirmation from us on deleting your account, or if you have questions about your App (e.g., Vividit) account and subscription, please contact us at

6. More information

You have every right to access your personal data and also have the option to withdraw it at any time. We require the data that we ask you to provide in order to have access to our services within the contractual relationship, to provide you information that you requested from us and to send our newsletters. If you refuse to provide the data we collect, we will not be able to perform our services.