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How to remove background from photos for FREE?

Take photos
Take photos against a clear background or download photos from any stock photo sites. Make sure its foreground can be identified from the backdrop.
Upload photos with the unwanted background to Mac, Windows, or Linux by clicking the drag & drop or pasting the image URL. Delete background like magic!
Edit and download
Click Erase & Restore to fine-tune the results. Click Editor to add shadows, change the background color, change background photos, resize photos, and crop photos. Download JPG or PNG results for low-resolution photos or buy credits to download HD photos

More Than Just A Background Remover

Create a transparent background instantly and turn your images into art, stunning banners, visual presentations, product
catalogs and graphics. Fully customizable on your needs.

More Than Just A Background RemoverMore Than Just A Background RemoverMore Than Just A Background RemoverMore Than Just A Background RemoverMore Than Just A Background RemoverMore Than Just A Background RemoverMore Than Just A Background RemoverMore Than Just A Background Remover
More Than Just A Background Remover

Benefits of Background Remover

Speed up image design without Photoshop.
Create batch product photos for E-commerce.
Customize products to boost sales.
Create ID photos without leaving home.
Add features to app development.
Help non-profit organizations in charity.

Process over 10,000 of images in a single batch

Download and install Cutout.Pro to your Mac or Windows and unleash the power of Remove bg AI to your desktop.

Process over 10,000 of images in a single batch Free Download

Easy API Integration For Speedy Workflow

Our API can be integrated into iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux Apps, websites, SAAS software etc. Turn unlimited creativity into reality via customized API to fit industry scenarios in image editing, AR/VR, advertisement innovation, E-commerce, Print On Demand customization, image retouch & design etc.

Easy API Integration For Speedy Workflow
API Docs

FAQ on how to remove bg from images

What is background remover?
It is an AI-powered automatic tool that automatically removes background from images. Individuals and businesses usually have to hire professional photographers or photo editors to edit photos, but AI can edit photos in bulk quickly at a low cost.
Is remove bg tool free?
Yes, it allows free downloads for low-resolution images. If you require photo downloads in HD such as some customized printing business, please buy credits to download high-quality results. Non-profit organizations can enjoy discounts or total free credits.
How can I use it for bulk processing in business?
You can download our desktop app or integrate our API into your websites or apps. Bulk processing works the best there. Purchase credits to get API calls. If you run a Shopify store, you can also purchase Cutout plugin through Shopify. However, purchases in Shopify stores cannot be refunded.
Can I use it for Ultra HD 4k photos, 1080p photos, or just large-size photos to remove the background?
Yes, mostly you can. However, if the photo dimension is beyond 4000*4000, please contact our technical support for a customized solution.
What makes the best background remover?
It uses the best algorithm in the industry to edit photos and we have servers all around the world to ensure stable and reliable service. With 3M users and more, our algorithm keeps learning by itself, so it is improving itself constantly.
Can I remove the background on my phone?
Not at the moment, but our mobile app has other amazing features for you and it is available on Apple Store and Google Play.
What images work best with Background Remover?
It works well on images with subjects in the foreground that are easy to define. It does not work well on out of focus pictures.
What images may not work well?
If the subjects in photos have blurry edges such as lightning, flames, waterfalls, texts, or signatures, or if the color around the subject is too similar to the subject itself, our bg remover may not work well.
What if there are some imperfect cutout results?
Use the ‘Edit’ button to edit away the unwanted part manually after the automatic removal.
Why the edited results are gone?
You must click the ‘Done’ button every time you edit it, so the results are saved.
Can I crop or resize photos when their background is removed?
Yes. When the result is shown, click the ‘Eraser’ button on the upper right corner of the result photo, then you will see where to crop and resize.
Where can I get copy-right free images to get background removed?
Try our tool to find similar royalty-free pictures.
Why there is a download problem?
For download problems, please see this page.
I wanted transparent background, why does it show black background after downloading?
Some photo editors like Canva does not support showing transparent background so it only shows black background, so please use editors that do such as Photoshop. Also, it may show black background but when you add another photo behind it, it still does the job.
Where are my images stored?
We store the uploaded images securely but will delete them within 1 hour for privacy concerns. Please download within 1 hour, otherwise, you have to upload and will get charged again.
Is the result’s resolution the same or better that the original photo?
We cannot guarantee the same or better resolution, but we suggest using HD download and use our Photo Enhancer to improve photo sharpness.
I am a big fan of this background remover, can I contribute?
You are welcome to share our great tool using the ‘Gift’ button, and you will get free credits for every referred registration! You are also welcome to leave a comment on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or leave a review on Capterra! You can also get monetary gain by becoming our affiliates!

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One-click AI image background removal tool provided by is so easy to use, saving me a lot of time, works perfectly for portrait.




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APP entrepreneur works great! It is so much better than other auto portrait segmentation tools.


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I mainly make badge keychains. I have been doing this business for 11 years and doing the designs by myself. It’s painful to customize products as the orders grow rapidly. It is very difficult to find so many designers to handle orders in a short period of time. The head-portrait cutout tool gives me time to breathe.



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