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Connections with 3 million potential donors
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Revenue sharing for extra funding

How to use for non-profits?

Marketing Industry
Create marketing and campaign materials to build your brand and speed up the design workflow. Design YouTube thumbnails, logos, posters, flyers, and videos to increase your audience for more social impact on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, websites, or more.
Creative Industry
Use AI technology in product customization, museums, exhibitions, events, etc. to create fun and engaging content or products. Create unique T-shirts, gifts, wallpapers, charitable NFT art, and invitation cards. Celebrate parties, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and historic occasions.
App development
Save money on app development for your organization using our API. Use AI technology to increase your audience and accomplish more missions.
ID Photo
Create professional LinkedIn profile images, CV photos, visa photos, passport photos, and other ID photos for children, university graduates, aged care, foster care, veterans, animal rescue, humanitarian aid, etc. Save funding for charitable causes.
Charity Fundraising
Connect with potential donors by becoming our partners. Reach millions of our registered users and visitors to get fundraising. Enjoy revenue sharing to get direct funding from us if your organization shows more social impact than others.
Charity Sale
Sell your products to get fundraising easily with your product photos edited and enhanced by our design tools. Boost your sales and save costs using AI technology.

Who are qualified for our nonprofit program?

Registered nonprofit organizations or organizations that have a positive social impact such as organizations to
increase welfare for local communities
preserve culture
protect the environment and animals
protect human rights
democratize education
alleviate poverty
support LGBTQ communities
*The organization might be asked to present tax-exempt status in its registered country.

How to apply?

Please email us at or to reach our team. We will reply to you
within 1-3 business days.