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Frequently asked questions

  • Why is it so creepy and uncanny?

    We have integrated AI and deep learning technology to animate faces in historical photos to create high-quality, realistic video footage.

  • Can I share or use the result?

    You can share the result video on social media if you are using photos belonging to you or your family. Do not share, use videos, or abuse this tool by creating animation or “deep fake” videos of other people without getting their consent.

  • How are the gestures chosen?

    There are several possible gestures that can be applied to a photo. You have the option to decide which to apply to a specific face.

  • My family photos are in physical albums. How can I scan them to animate them?

    There are many digital scanning app available online, so you search it on Apple App Store or online.

  • After I animate the photos of my late relatives, does share them with any third party?

    No, your privacy is protected. And only you own the copyright of the animated video. We cannot and will not share with any third party.