Remove Video Background

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the format of result?

    The video background removal results are in mov format.

  • What is GIF?

    A GIF is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

  • Why do people need transparent video background?

    People can further edit a transparent video background by adding another virtual background to it. You can add scenery, starry night, beautiful sky, modern iconic buildings, historic travel spots or just fictitious sci-fi scenes to your video background to make your video more creative, fun and engaging without using green screen like the traditional film studios did. It is a great tool for content creators on any platform, including Youtube, Vimeo, Steam, etc.

  • Can our background remover be applied to live-streaming?

    Currently our video background tool does not support live streaming, but it will be available to our other products in the future such as Cheerful.Video.

  • What is green screen?

    Green screen is the art of illusion used by Hollywood entertainment industry ever since the 19th century. The color green was chosen as one of the least colors worn by personalities or images used for display. The main purpose for using a green screen is the special effects. We see it daily on local weather broadcasting, television shows and blockbuster movies. Producers are using color key effects to superimpose and remove images from the screen. For example, using the chroma key special effects with an actor is wearing green clothing makes the clothing invisible.